Green Bay Professional Packet Radio

Green Bay Professional Packet Radio (GBPPR) is our attempt at an advanced amateur radio and electronics research team.

Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, we have banded together several small groups of the world's most specialized hackers who strive for the advancement of technology in order to help all of mankind.

Each group specializes in a certain task or skill, pushing the very edges of science and technology as we know it.

GBPPR Working Groups

  • GBPPR Radiation Laboratory (GRL):  Investigates and uses the sciences of electrodynamics and electromagnetic field theory, while innovating the HP way.
  • Advanced Development Projects (ADP):  Cutting-edge, high-tech, open-source hardware and software projects.  Making the impossible, possible... maybe.
  • Tailored Access Operations (TAO):  Consists of a small band of highly-motivated, undocumented telecommunication and computer network exploration enthusiasts whom specialize in the extraction of data from denied-access targets.
  • Special Collection Service (SCS):  Clandestine interception and monitoring of intelligence over the known ranges of optical, radio, and acoustic wavelengths.
  • Special Operations Groups (SOG):  Undocumented research and information gathering team utilizing advanced non-destructive entry methods.  Also capable of performing covert, artificially-induced term limits and impeachments.
  • Total Information Awareness (TIA):  Collects, scans, records, documents, and releases as much technical information (past & present) as possible.
  • Advanced Weapons Engineering (AWE):  Designing and building advanced electronic, electrodynamic and psychotronic weapons for our future militias.
  • Applied Physics Laboratory (APL):  Educating the public and making your homework easier, performing unlicensed nuclear accelerator experiments, and operating the Small Fermion Collider.
  • Pulsed-Power Group (PPG):  High-voltage pulse, electromagnetic pulse, and high-power RF experiments.
  • Missiles and Aerospace Systems (MAS):  Unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced aerospace threat monitoring (and making!), both identified and unidentified flying object research, and deploying really, really low-Earth orbit objects.
  • Technical Assistance Program (TAP):  24-hour Scientific Services and Answer Center.

"They can do all because they think they can." - Virgil, Aeneid

Operational support branches also include media releases via the GBPPR Vision series of videos on YouTube, our own technical journal GBPPR 'Zine in electronic media (PDF) format, and even an occasional low-power FM radio broadcast.

"Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it."

Amateur Radio Projects

  1. Low-Cost Wireless Network How-To
    • Extremely detailed account of a Part 97 point-to-point 2.4 GHz wireless link.

  2. Using Part 15 Wireless Ethernet Devices for Amateur Radio
    • Hints, tips and rules for using off-the-shelf hardware for amateur radio Part 97 operations.

  3. KB9MWR Projects Page
    • Ongoing local amateur radio projects.

  4. Mirror of the Website
    • Mirror site of the L0pht spin-off project.  Few minor broken links.

  5. Low-Cost POCSAG Paging Network How-To
    • Homebrew your own amateur radio text or tone paging system.

  6. Low-Cost Laser Data Links
    • Quit shining laser pointers at people and use them for something useful.

  7. Homebrew RF Design Test Equipment & Software
    • Simple and useful tools for the RF experimenter.

  8. Homebrew Bi-Directional 2.4 GHz Amplifier Designs
    • Make your own amplifier for your 2.4 GHz wireless network.

  9. Homebrew Bi-Directional 915 MHz Amplifier Designs
    • Make your own high-power amplifier for your 900 MHz wireless network.

  10. Homebrew 1 Watt 2.4 GHz Power Amplifier
    • Increase the RF output power of your wireless network card to 1 Watt.

  11. Homebrew 2.4 GHz to 144 MHz Transverter
    • Scan and monitor the 2.4 GHz band using a common CalAmp MMDS downconverter.

  12. Frequency Transverters for 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN Devices
    • Change the frequency of your amateur radio 2.4 GHz network to overcome interference or line-of-sight issues.

  13. Family Radio Service (FRS) to 900 MHz Transverter
    • I was really bored.  (Experimental)

  14. GBPPR 2.4 GHz / 10 Mbit Wireless Data Link
    • Why buy a wireless network card when you can tear your hair out trying to build one?

  15. GBPPR 900 MHz High-Speed Packet Radio
    • Experimental ideas for a high-speed, interference overcoming wireless data link.

  16. GBPPR 1 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer
    • Homebrew the most useful tool for a RF experimenter, work in progress.

  17. Constructing Scotty Sprowls' 1 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer
    • This is a series of notes and videos on constructing the 1 GHz RF spectrum analyzer project by Scotty Sprowls.

  18. Tracking Generator for a HP8569 Spectrum Analyzer
    • Construction overview of a low-cost tracking generator for a HP8569-series spectrum analyzer.

  19. 21.4 MHz FM Demodulator for a HP8569 Spectrum Analyzer
    • Construction overview of a Frequency Modulation (FM) demodulator for a HP8569-series spectrum analyzer.

  20. Dataradio Gemini G3 UHF Radio Modem Experiments
    • Information and experimental ideas for the Dataradio Gemini G3 UHF radio modem.

  21. CalAmp Viper SC+ Wireless Radio Modem Experiments
    • Information and experimental ideas for the CalAmp Viper SC+ VHF/UHF/900 radio modem.

  22. GBPPR 1 kHz to 16.384 MHz Synthesized Signal Generator
    • Simple PLL signal generator for the test bench using a common Maxim IC.

  23. GBPPR Divide-by-1000 3.5 GHz Prescaler
  24. GBPPR Packet Radio Weather Radio Alert
    • Use the National Weather Service's alert tone to send a packet radio message.

  25. GBPPR 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Transverter
    • Frequency hopping transverter for amateur radio use.

  26. GBPPR 1.2 GHz (23 cm) Amateur Video Transmitter
    • Simple 1.2 GHz FM ATV exciter.

  27. Converting Cellular Phones to 900 MHz
    • Use old Motorola cellular phones as IF rigs in a 900 MHz transmitter.

  28. Simple 2.4 GHz SWR Meter
    • Simple way to tune wireless LAN antennas using an oscilloscope.

  29. Linux FRS Radio Control
    • Easily control a FRS/GMRS radio from a computer.

  30. Return Loss Bridge for the Radio Amateur
    • Device to quickly check the integrity of a radio antenna system.

  31. Using the MC145158 PLL Frequency Synthesizer
    • Simple overview and source code for the Motorola MC145158.

  32. AeroComm CL4490 Experiments
    • Wireless data networking experiments using AeroComm modules and data modems.

  33. Metricom Ricochet Radio Experimentation
    • Experiments using components from old Metricom 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz RF data modems.

  34. 100 Watt RF Power Amplifier for 2 GHz
    • Turn an old 1.9 GHz PCS cellular phone basestation into a RF power amplifier.

  35. Qualcomm OmniTRACS Experiments
    • Using Qualcomm OmniTRACS fleet tracking satellite systems for amateur radio applications.

  36. General Electric GEMLINK Information
    • Overview of a General Electric GEMLINK K-band video transmitter.

  37. Putting the Spectrian Amplifier on 2304 MHz
    • Notes and resources for Spectrian high-power RF amplifiers at 2.3 GHz.

  38. Motorola STF2520A 900 MHz Power Amplifier Modifications
    • Modifying a surplus Motorola STF2520A cellular-band RF amplifier for 150 watts in the 900 MHz ham band.

  39. 73 Magazine Information
  40. Doodle Labs DL435-30 420-450 MHz OFDM Transceiver Experiments
    • Experimenting with high-speec data in the 440 MHz ham band.

  41. GBPPR VLF Converter
    • Homebrew version Marty Kaiser's VLF59-10 5 to 500 kHz VLF converter.

  42. HP4328A Milliohmmeter Overview & Probe Construction
    • General overview of the HP4328A operation and how to make your own Kelvin bridge probes.

  43. Radio Scanner Modifications and Information
    • Collection of scanner (radio receiver) related documents, software, notes, etc.

Other Projects

  1. GBPPR Advanced Development Projects
    • Other stuff you can blame us for.

  2. GBPPR Homebrew Military & Espionage Electronics
    • Electronic projects for professional adventurers, independent contractors, and undocumented border patrol agents.

  3. Brown County, Wisconsin Frequency Search
    • Frequency search of local frequencies, PL-tones, DTMF codes, repeater offsets, notes, etc.

  4. Green Bay Police Radio IDs
  5. Test Equipment Manuals
    • Small collection of old test equipment operating and service manuals.

Local Terrain & RF Plots

  1. Elevation Plot for Green Bay, Wisconsin and the Surrounding Area
    • Lowest elevation is 174 meters, highest is 274 meters.  Plot is 22.5 km square and the contour lines are at 10 meter intervals.

  2. Zoomed Out Elevation Plot for Green Bay, Wisconsin and the Surrounding Area
    • Lowest elevation is 176 meters, highest is 300 meters.  Plot is 50 km square and the contour lines are at 10 meter intervals.

  3. Elevation Plot for the Northeast Wisconsin Area
    • Lowest elevation is 176 meters, highest is 340 meters.  Plot is 100 km square and the contour lines are at 10 meter intervals.

  4. Larger Elevation Plot for the Northeast Wisconsin Area
    • Lowest elevation is 176 meters, highest is 579 meters.  Plot is 250 km square and the contour lines are at 10 meter intervals.

"Leave the beaten path and dive into the woods.
You are certain to find something interesting."

Interactive Wireless / RF Design Utilities

  1. Wireless Network Link Analysis
    • Calculates approximate received power levels and fade margins for microwave wireless links.

  2. Wireless Network Link Analysis - Super Edition
    • Same as above, but generates a PDF file containing Fresnel zone and radio path graphs.

  3. Microwave Radio Path Analysis
    • Generates a terrain profile graph and obstruction reports for a microwave radio link between two points.

  4. Line-of-Sight Path Analysis
    • Generates a JPEG image showing the line-of-sight path for a given transmitter location.

  5. Longley-Rice Path Loss Analysis
    • Generates a JPEG image showing the estimated Longley-Rice path loss for a given transmitter location.

  6. Fresnel Zone Calculator
    • Calculates and graphs the required Fresnel zone clearances for a point-to-point link.

  7. United States Elevation Retriever
    • Get the ground elevation at (almost) any location in the continental United States.

  8. Environmental Factor Analysis
    • Experimental attempt to see how radio index of refraction will change with the weather.

  9. 3D Local Ground Elevation Map
    • Get a graphic 3D representation of the local ground elevations surrounding a transmitter site.

  10. Parabolic Reflector Gain and Focal Point Calculator
    • Calculates the gain, focal point, and radiation distances for parabolic dishes.

  11. Urban Area Path Loss
    • Calculates the approximate path loss through an urban area.

  12. Antenna Up/Down Tilt Calculator
    • Calculates the required antenna tilt to compensate for Earth curvature.

  13. Distance & Bearing Calculator
    • Calculates the distance and bearing between two geographic points.

  14. Omnidirectional Antenna Beamwidth Analysis
    • Estimates the coverage of a vertical antenna pattern.

  15. Return Loss Calculator
    • Calculates return loss given forward/reverse power or SWR.

  16. Knife Edge Diffraction Loss Calculator
    • Calculates knife edge obstruction attenuation.

  17. Decibel Conversion Calculator
    • Converts various values referenced to/from decibels.

  18. Scattering Parameters Are Fun!
    • Calculates gamma in/out from S-parameters, experimental.

  19. Lumped Component Wilkinson Splitter / Combiner Designer
    • Design Wilkinson splitters/combiners for use under 400 MHz.

  20. Pi & Tee Network Resistive Attenuation Calculator
    • Design resistive attenuators.

  21. United States Frequency Allocations 30 - 3000 MHz
    • Retrieve the FCC band allocation for any frequency.

  22. Voltage to Power Conversion Calculator
    • Convert AC voltages to power.

  23. RF Safety Compliance Calculator
    • Determines if your ERP will kill people.

  24. Approximate Air Coil Inductance Calculator
    • Calculates the approximate value of an air coil inductor.

  25. Microstripline Analysis & Design
    • Calculates the required width for making microstrip transmission lines.

  26. Calculating Phase Line Length
    • Calculates coaxial phase line lengths.

  27. 3-Pole Butterworth Characteristic Bandpass Filter Calculator
    • Designs simple 3-pole bandpass filters.

  28. RF Pi Network Designer
    • Designs Pi-type networks for transforming impedances.

  29. PLL 3rd Order Passive Loop Filter Calculator
    • Designs passive loop filters for phase lock loops.

  30. Antenna Isolation Calculator
    • Calculates isolation for horizontal & vertical antennas.

  31. Mixer IMD Calculator
    • Calculates potential IMD products in subtractive mode mixers.

GBPPR Microwave Radio Path Analysis Tools

A Perl CGI program to graphically show the radio path profile between two points.  It will plot the 0.6 Fresnel zone and the true radio path for a given value of K (the effective Earth radius factor).  This is all displayed in reference to the path's elevation data taken at intervals along the link path.  This will let you see if you have a clear radio line-of-sight path.  Currently, the elevation data is only available for most of North America.  It is also extremely CPU intensive, so please be patient for the output PDF file to complete, or try again at a different time.

Temporarily down as they require an enormous amount of resources.

  1. Microwave Radio Path Analysis
  2. Line-of-Sight Path Analysis
  3. Longley-Rice Path Loss Analysis
  4. 3D Local Ground Elevation Map

All the plotting utilities are based around a slightly modified version of the SPLAT! program by KD2BD.

GBPPR Microwave Radio Path Analysis Tools  Source code for the above scripts.  (758k Gzipped TAR)

RF and Microwave Communications Research Links

  1. Maxwell's Equations  This site aims to teach James Maxwell's equations in as simple and intuitive a manner as possible.
  2. High-Speed CSMA Digital Networking for HF
  3. The Utah T1-Rate Modem
  4. Weak Signal Communications  by K1JT.  A software package designed for amateur weak-signal radio communication at VHF
  5. Microstrip Patch Rectenna With High Output Voltage
  6. High-Speed Networking Project
  7. Higher Speeds with the G3RUH 9600 Baud Packet Radio Modem
  8. The KD2BD 9600 Baud Modem
  9. 23cm High-Speed Link Receiver from F1BIU
  10. 23cm Wide-Band FM Data-Transceiver
  11. KE5FX's Homebrew 10 Mbit, 10 GHz Wireless Ethernet Project  (Notes)
  12. N6GN's Higher Speed Packet Web Pages
  13. DIY 10Mbps Optical Data Link
  14. DUAL - A Packet Format for a New Amateur Radio Link Layer
  15. The W1GHZ Online Microwave Antenna Book
  16. Papers by Hari Balakrishnan  Wireless TCP/IP god.
  17. Antenna Visualization
  18. Electrical Engineering Training Series
  19. Online Lectures about Digital Communication
  20. XTP Overview  Alternative transport protocol.
  21. Communication Devices Using Ultra-Wideband, Nonsinusoidal Communication Technology  Cool stuff.
  22. Unofficial NEC Archive  Antenna modeling software.
  23. Decentralized Channel Management in Scalable Multihop Spread-Spectrum Packet Radio Networks  (780k PDF)
  24. A Channel Access Scheme for Large Dense Packet Radio Networks  (350k PDF)
  25. Design and Implemenation of a Wire Array Antenna Analyzer  (150k PDF)
  26. High Power, Broadband, Linear, Solid-State Amplifier Design
  27. SIGSALY Secure Digital Voice Communications in World War II
  28. Slot Antenna Design  by Stephen Bell, KB7TRZ
  29. A Transmission Line Calculator, Version 0.3  by Kevin Schmidt, W9CF
  30. Some Skin Effect Notes
  31. Lots of Good Weak Signal RF Links
  32. Temporary Telecommunications Infrastructure in Lower Manhattan
  33. SP-419 SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  34. Low-Cost, Long-Range Wireless Network How-To
  35. Low-Cost 2.4 GHz Digital Communications
  36. Chris's Wireless High-Speed Connect
  37. BAWUG - Outdoor Access Point Encloseure v1
  38. Notes on G-Lines (Goubau Transmission Lines)
  39. Spread Spectrum - It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!  by Harold E. Price, NK6K  (PDF)

RF/Electronics Design Notes & Links

  1. YIG Oscillator and Filter Notes
  2. KA7OEI Microwave Page
  3. W6PQL Projects Page&nbnsp; Offers kits for his projects.
  4. N5DUX Ham Radio PDFs
  5. Greek Microwave Group  The Greek Microwave Group is a recently established group of telecommunication engineers and radio amateurs who are interested in the area of microwaves.
  6. Microwave Group of San Diego Technical Articles and Projects
  7. Rob Frohne's Class Notes
  8. PUFF on Linux  PUFF - Computer Aided Design for Microwave Integrated Circuits for DOS/Linux
  9. Avago AppCAD Version 4.0.0  The Application Engineering staff of the Microwave Semiconductor Division of Hewlett-Packard created AppCAD as a design help for RF and microwave designers.
  10. Hewlett-Packard Technical Documents
  11. Remembering Bob Pease  Collection of Bob Pease analog circuti design articles.
  12. The PIN Diode Circuit Designers Handbook  (1.3M PDF)
  13. Microsemi UM9601 PIN Diode Datasheet  (470k PDF)
  14. Applications of PIN Diodes  HP Application Note 922  (258k PDF)
  15. Fast Switching PIN Diodes  HP Application Note 929  (92k PDF)
  16. Applications for the HSMP-3890 Surface Mount Switching PIN Diode  HP Application Note 1072  (70k PDF)
  17. Intersil HFA3925 2.4 GHz Power Amplifier  Contains a good TX/RX switching idea (99k PDF)
  18. Mitsubishi Hybrid RF Power Amplifier Modules
  19. JavaScript Conjugate Match  by Nigel Martin
  20. Scattering Parameters
  21. WA1RHP's Electronic Parts Inventory  Parts intended to support ham radio and electronic students
  22. Smith Chart Tools
  23. American Technical Ceramics (ATC) Technical Notes
  24. Analog Computer Basics
  25. Radio Propagation Models
  26. General Soldering Information
  27. Desoldering THM and SMT
  28. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Terminology
  29. Dielectric Constants of Commercial PCB Material
  30. Finesse Voltage Regulator Noise!
  31. Texas Instruments Technical Brief SWRA029 - Fractional / Integer-N PLL Basics  (6M PDF)
  32. Passive Repeaters in Wireless Data link Usage  From Microflect
  33. VHF Narrowband FM Receiver Design Using the MC3362 and the MC3363 Dual Conversion Receivers  Motorola AN980 - Contains a good PLL loop filter overview for the MC14515x-series.  (630k PDF)
  34. Watkins-Johnson Tech-Notes  Bi-monthly technical publication of Watkins-Johnson Company from 1974 through 1991.
  35. HPRFhelp v2.12  Welcome to HPRFhelp, Agilent Technologies' RF and microwave semiconductor knowledge base and smart selection guide!
  36. Philips RF Semiconductor Application Notes
  37. Magnetic Properties of Ferrite Core Materials
  38. The Secret Life of Pots
  39. Hardware/Software Interface Description for PRISM Radio Design  Intersil Application Note AN9617  (70k PDF)
  40. PRISM1KIT-EVAL DSSS PC Card Wireless LAN Description  Intersil Application Note AN9624  (140k PDF)
  41. Processing Gain for DSSS Communication Systems and PRISM  Intersil Application Note AN9633  (32k PDF)
  42. Tutorial on Basic Link Budget Analysis  Intersil Application Note AN9804  (81k PDF)
  43. 2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Wireless LAN Cascade Analysis  Intersil Application Note AN9810  (71k PDF)
  44. Filters in the PRISM Radio Reference Design  Intersil Application Note AN9817  (80k PDF)
  45. A Condensed Review of Spread Spectrum Techniques for ISM Band Systems  Intersil Application Note AN9820  (164k PDF)
  46. Brief Tutorial on IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs  Intersil Application Note AN9829  (72k PDF)
  47. HWB3163-EVAL PRISM II 11 Mbps PCMCIA Wireless LAN Evaluation Kit User's Guide  Intersil Application Note AN9864  (396k PDF)
  48. Obtaining the Best PRISM II Chip Set Receiver Sensitivity  Intersil Application Note AN9902  (23k PDF)
  49. Measurement of WLAN Receiver Sensitivity  Intersil Technical Bulletin TB382  (28k PDF)
  50. A Brief Tutorial on Spread Spectrum and Packet Radio  Intersil Technical Bulletin TB337  (58k PDF)
  51. Using the PRISM Chip Set for Timing Measurements  Intersil Technical Bulletin TB338  (20k PDF)
  52. XMIT_ID Version 2.61  Richard Rager's (KB8RLN), DOS program to "fingerprint" radios.
  53. Icom D-STAR ID-1 Evaluation  by KC0ARF, KB9MWR, KB9AMM, and N9PAV.  (Notes)
  54. Wisconsin Amateur Packet Radio Association
  55. MotoTRBO Out-of-Band Modification for 900 MHz Radios
  56. GaAsFET Pre-Amplifier Cookbook #3  by Kent Britain, WA5VJB  (2M PDF)
  57. MAX260 Filter Design Software  Microprocessor programmable filter design software (MS-DOS) for the Maxim MAX260/MAX261/MAX262.  (190k ZIP)
  58. MAX274 Filter Design Software  Filter design software (MS-DOS) for the Maxim MAX274.  (498k ZIP)
  59. A Discussion of Antenna Theory  by Paul Graham, K9ERG (One of the better antenna explainations out there)
  60. PolyPhaser Technical Information  Trust these people
  61. Directive Gain, Salesmanship and Ham Radio!  How to determine the real gain of an antenna
  62. The Perils of Cheap Hamfest RF Adapters  More proof to avoid cheap hamfest connectors like the plague
  63. The UHF Type Connector Under Network Analysis  RF network analysis of a PL-259/SO-239 connection
  64. Electrochemical Potential Chart
  65. Conductivity and Dielectric Constants for Common Types of Earth  Parameters for use in Radio Mobile Deluxe
  66. Applying Modern Communication Technologies to Weak Signal Amateur Operations  Very good overview on using 1980's technology and math equations from 1948 to improve weak signal performance in the 21st century.  (657k PDF)
  67. Ufer Ground System  Grounding rods in concrete
  68. Motorola Semiconductor Circuits Manual  (1964)  (5.6M PDF)
  69. Motorola Semiconductor Power Circuits Handbook  (1968)  (7.4M PDF)
  70. RCA Receiving Tube Manual  Technical Series RC-14  (1940)  (13.7M PDF)  (Meissner Coil Pinouts)
  71. Phase-Locked Loops  IEEE Short Courses program notes, by Jacob Klapper  (5.6M PDF)
  72. Supplementary Notes for "Phaselock Up To Date"  by Dr. Floyd M. Gardner  (2.0M PDF)  (Phaselock Techniques)
  73. Avantek Modular and Oscillator Components  2nd edition
  74. Single and Dual LM3914 Calculators
  75. How to Setup Your NWT Spectrum Analyzer on Linux

GBPPR Technical Bulletins

  1. Waterproofing RF Connectors
  2. Advantages of Circular Polarized FM Repeater Antennas
  3. Why Silver Plate RF Components?
  4. Receiver Noise, Sensitivity and Dynamic Range Relationships
  5. Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP) Survival
  6. Communication Channel Capacity

Various Amateur Radio Technical Papers

  1. Toward New Link-Layer Protocols for Amateur Packet Radio  by Phil Karn, KA9Q  (Slides & Notes)
  2. Amateur Spread Spectrum Rule Recommendations  by Phil Karn, KA9Q
  3. Ideas for HF Modulation and Coding  by Phil Karn, KA9Q
  4. Proposed Coded AO-40 Telemetry Format  by Phil Karn, KA9Q
  5. Amateur Radio, Wireless Networks and the Information Age  by Glenn Elmore, N6GN
  6. Physical Layer Considerations in Building a High-Speed Amateur Radio Network  by Glenn Elmore, N6GN
  7. A Technological Rationale to Use Higher Wireless Frequencies  by J.M. Vanderau, R.J. Matheson, and E.J. Haakinson  (807k PDF)
  8. A Mathematical Theory of Communication  by Claude E. Shannon  (1948)  (322k PDF)  (Channel Capacity vs. Signal-to-Noise Ratio)  (IEEE Profile)
  9. A Method of Reducing Disturbances in Radio Signaling by a System of Frequency Modulation  by Edwin H. Armstrong  (2.1M PDF)
  10. An Overview of the Application of CDMA to Digital Cellular Systems and Personal Cellular Networks  by Qualcomm  (1M PDF)
  11. Shannon, Coding and the Radio Amateur  by James R. Miller, G3RUH
  12. The Shape of Bits to Come  by James R. Miller, G3RUH
  13. Take the Next Step with the Next Generation Protocol  by Naoto Shimazaki
  14. TAPR Packet Status Register Archives  Attempting to put all the TAPR Packet Status Register issues in one place.

Various TAPR Digital Communications Conference Speeches

  1. TAPR FHSS Radio Update - 2001  by John Ackermann, N8UR  (2.1M MP3)
  2. Spread Spectrum in the Amateur Radio Service: Current Status and Historical Notes  by Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZP and Barry McLarnon, VE3JF  (3.5M MP3)
  3. Optimized Channel Access Mechanisms for Decentralized Spread Spectrum Packet Networks  by Matthew Ettus, N2MJI  (5.3M MP3)
  4. Status Report on TAPR 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Radio Project  by Tom McDermott, N5EG  (4.9M MP3)  (Slides)
  5. TAPR DCC '98: Introduction to Spread Spectrum  by Steve Bible, N7HPR  (YouTube)
  6. Infrastructureless Packet Radio Networks  by Don Lemke, WB9MJN  (Slides)  (YouTube)
  7. Introduction to Software Defined Radios  by Steve Bible, N7HPR  (10.7M MP3)  (Slides)
  8. TAPR DCC '97: Spread Spectrum Design and Theory  by Phil Karn, KA9Q  (Slides)  (YouTube)
  9. TAPR DCC '97: TAPR's 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Radio Project  by Tom McDermott, N5EG  (Slides)  (YouTube)
  10. TAPR DCC '97: Spread Spectrum Regulation and the Future of Ham Radio  by Dewayne Hendircks, WA8DZP  (Slides)  (YouTube)

Microwave Associates (M/A-Com) Gunnplexer Notes

  1. MA87127 Series 10 GHz Gunnplexer  Bulletin 7624A  (1M PDF)
  2. MA87728 Series 10 GHz Gunnplexer  (150k PDF)
  3. MA87729 Series 24 GHz Gunnplexer  (115k PDF)
  4. 10 GHz Ham Operation with the MA-87127 Gunnplexer  by Klaus Hirschelman, DJ7OO
  5. W2IOG Gunnplexer Notes  Simple FM radio modification
  6. The Gunnplexer Cookbook  by Robert M. Richardson, W4UCH.  (12.7M PDF)

10 GHz Path Loss Notes

  1. Free Space Attenuation
  2. Path Performance Calculations for 15 kHz IF Bandwidth
  3. Distance vs. Carrier-to-Noise Ratio
  4. Microwave Beams Behave Much Like Light Beams
  5. Fresnel Zone Radius
  6. K Factors
  7. Surface Ducting
  8. Elevated Duct

MMDS Downconverter Notes & Applications

  1. California Amplifier 31732 Information and Modifications  by Adam, G0ORY
  2. Gardiner MMDS Downconverter LO2398  by Adam, G0ORY
  3. California Amplifier 31732 Modifications for 2401 MHz Reception  by Ward, WC0Y
  4. California Amplifier MMDS Downconverter Partial Schematic  (97k PNG)
  5. Fujitsu FHX35LG Super Low-Noise HEMT  Pre-amplifier often used in California Amplifier downconverters.  (244k PDF)  (S-parameters)

Archived Down East Microwave Inc. Design & Library Notes

  1. Eliminate Low Frequency Intermod of LNA's  by Steve Kostro, N2CEI
  2. Intermod Resistant Preamplifiers  by Steve Kostro, N2CEI
  3. "My Pre-Amp Doesn't Work!"  A design, troubleshooting, and repair guide for all modern day low-noise amplifiers, by Steve Kostro, N2CEI
  4. Building Enclosures for Microwave Circuits  by Rus Healy, NJ2L

Radar & Military Communications

Communication is the key to success.

  1. Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems Engineering Handbook  A must read
  2. Association of Old Crows Electronic Warfare Tutorial
  3. The Radar Pages
  4. Tactical Radio Jammers
  5. Radar Warning Receivers  Excellent site by Brooke Clarke
  6. Military Abbreviations & Acronyms
  7. Russian Electronic Warfare Equipment
  8. Soviet Radar Systems
  9. Electronic Warfare Programs by AN Nomenclature
  10. International Electronic Countermeasures Handbook
  11. EW Reference & Source Guide
  12. Rockwell Collins Defense Electronics
  13. Raytheon Defense Electronics
  14. Principles of the Meteorological Doppler Radar  Good overview of radar operations
  15. WSR-88D Technical Information
  16. WSR-88D System Specifications  (823k PDF)
  17. Traffic Radar Handbook
  18. AN/TRC-170(V)2 Tropospheric Scatter Microwave Radio Terminal
  19. How to Use APRS for Direction Finding
  20. Doppler Direction Finder Design Notes
  21. Doppler Direction Finder Design Notes #2
  22. Epsilon Nought  Radar remote sensing
  23. MX Missile Command, Control & Communication  (850k PDF)
  24. Kraken SDR - Passive Radar

Recommended Hardware & Parts Suppliers

  1. SHF Microwave Parts Company  For ham radio related projects.
  2. Coilcraft  Free sample inductors.
  3. Maxim IC  Free sample RF and analog ICs.
  4. Rogers Corporation  Free sample Teflon PC board.
  5. RF Micro Devices  Best assortment of RF ICs.
  6. Hittite Microwave Corporation  Sells RF ICs and evaluation boards directly to the public.
  7. Dan's Small Parts and Kits  Low-cost parts for the homebrewer.
  8. Down East Microwave  New & surplus RF parts/kits for the experimenter.
  9. Fair Radio  New & surplus RF parts and military surplus.
  10.  Fastest, most complete distributor search available.
  11. Radio Works  Ham radio supplies and RF connectors.
  12. The Toroid King  Best source for ferrite and powered-iron torroids from Dieter Gentzow, W8DIZ.
  13. Mendelson Electronics  Good surplus electronics deals.
  14. Richardson Electronics  Sells many hard-to-find RF parts in single quantities.
  15. INSTOCK Wireless Components  RF/microwave power dividers and power combiners for all wireless-band frequencies from 0.7-2.7 GHz.
  16. Radiodan  New and used Bird wattmeters and slugs.
  17. AIR802  Manufacturer of WiFi antennas, cable and connectors.
  18. PartSelect  Source of parts for repairing and modifying appliance and consumer electronics.
  19. Oems Cart  Search engine for electronic parts.

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