Look at what I got as a Christmas Present!

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From: John <johnraby@direcway.com>
Subject: FBI Response
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<x-flowed>This is NOT a spam.

You are being watched.

Sedition = Revolution AGAINST a government.

Sedition during an active war conflict thereby providing aid and comfort to
the enemy is a federal offence,
punishable in a military tribunal, and if found guilty then the offender is
to be shot dead by a military firing squad.

----- Original Message -----
From: <tips7@fbi.gov>
To: <johnraby@direcway.com>
Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2004 6:07 PM
Subject: FBI Response

> Dear Mr. Raby,
> Thank you for your submission to the FBI Internet
> Tip Line.
> For your information, the Internet Tip Line (ITL)
> was created on 9/11/01, in response to the
> terrorist attacks upon America. We quickly
> established a mechanism for the public to submit
> information to the FBI via the Internet, and we
> have thus far received over 1,000,000 tips from
> around the globe. Our operation is completely
> automated and paperless. Submitted tips are
> received immediately, reviewed within minutes and
> prioritized by trained Professional Support
> personnel, and Agents set action leads within the
> hour, as appropriate.
> We encourage you to share this information with
> your family, friends, and co-workers, and
> encourage them to not hesitate to submit
> information they may deem of interest to the FBI.
> The FBI does not maintain an email address to
> submit information or attachments to directly;
> therefore, please do not reply directly to this
> message via your email client. The FBI maintains
> an automated system that is designed to track all
> information received, to ensure that all tips are
> addressed in a timely and efficient manner.
> Therefore, please visit the FBI.GOV Web site again
> should you have occasion to submit additional
> information. We WILL NOT open or respond to
> "reply" email.


Yeah. I've been hearing that sort of thing from cranks like you since the Viet-Nam days. I remain remarkably ballistically unperforated, let alone unindicted.

If you have a beef with me, say it to my face. Don't go bothering some overworked bureaucrat who has more important things to do than roundfile your little "tips".

I live in Boston, and I'm in the phone book, along with my street address.

Come get me, coward.

I, and my katana, look forward to your visit.

At 11:35 AM -0700 6/9/02, Wanda Alexander (roxiedog@webtv.net) wrote:

It's not De Generis, it's Degenerate, or Degenerant, which is what she is, along with all the other perverts.

I checked. It IS spelled DeGeneris.

THEY DON'T mind their own business - they try to brainwash everybody, especially the youth, into thinking that what they do is normal. They use the Boy Scouts, they infiltrate the Catholic priest-hood, (ever heard of the ''Lavendar Mafia"?), they promote their life-style thru their control of the news and entertainment media, the educational institutions, and everywhere else you look. THEY intimidate and ridicule anyone who doesn't agree with them.

You're confusing the international homosexual conspiracy with the international jewish conspiracy. Or is it the international freemasonry conspiracy. I forget. They all look alike, you know. Vast underground secret lairs, hordes of brainwashed lackeys, shark-filled indoor lagoons. Oh, and flaming torches in wall sconces all over the place. You just can't have a decent vast underground lair without flaming torches in wall sconces.

I for one am SICK of them. I'm sick of their whining about being "descriminated" against" because they can't get special concessions.

As I said, I don't think it's a "special concession" not to be beaten to death in the street. You'll find that many black Americans feel the same way about lynching.

They DO get special concessions - one example - more money is spent on THEIR disease (AIDS) than on heart disease and cancer combined - and still they shriek and holler for more!!

As do I. You DO realize that AIDS is spreading through the heterosexual side of things faster than it is in the homosexual side.

I hope they ALL die from it!!!

And it'll be GOOD RIDDANCE to them ALL!!!!

I sense much anger in you, Grasshopper.

OK, I'm ready for my hollier than thou lecture from you. BRING IT ON - with all the profanities and vulgarities you can muster, which you and your ILK love so much and are so expert at. They don't faze me anymore.

Alas, I fear that I cannot provide satisfaction in that regard.

ALL the rednecks and Fallwells are better than you. Your condescension befits one like you who thinks he "knows everything", but in realith knows NOTHING.

Half of being smart is knowing that one is ignorant.

I do know this, however. Have I ever been physically or verbally assaulted by a gay man or a lesbian woman for being straight? No. Have I been physically or verbally assaulted by a straight man for not being blatantly demonstrative of my heterosexual orientation? Yes, more than few times.

Wanda, relax. Switch to decaf. Contemplate how absurd your wrath would be if you substituted "black" "jew" "asian" "catholic" "protestant" or "moslim" for "gay".

Contemplate as well the fact that you are part of a shrinking minority. That no matter how you rage and fulminate, the fact is that homophobia, much as racism & anti-semitism, is fast on it's way to being socially unacceptable. That men and women of good will and conscience will denounce such intolerance, as they have denounced similar evils in the past.

Wanda, I am not impressed by your screed. I am not intimidated by your anger. I am not angered by your intolerance.

All that I feel for you is pity and sadness that you hold such anger in you.

However, as I am such a firm believer in redemption, I do hope that one day, you will come to realize that such anger and hatred corrupts the soul and coarsens the spirit. It blinds one to the wonderful diversity of the human race, and confines one to a self-built prison of fear and misunderstanding and prejudice.

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