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Snarky Tom Tomorrow cartoon about the flag burning amendment
"Desecrating"(?) The Flag

I'm am SO fed up with all these "Patriots" who fulminate about the dozen odd flag burnings a year, and how This Precious Symbol Of America NEEDS the protection of a Constitutional Amendment!

Sod Off!

You want to know what the real desecration of the flag is? It's that there are veterans of WWII, Korea, Viet-Nam, et al, who are homeless. These men and women, 250,000 of them, who volunteered to offer "that last, full measure of devotion" in the defense of their country, are reduced to sleeping on the streets. You over fed, knee jerk patriots cross the fucking street to avoid that ragged, smelly individual pleading for spare change, you don't care that he helped liberate South Korea inch by inch, under unspeakable hardships, or that he answered a call to fight for freedom in Viet-Nam, or that he got dosed by nerve gas in Iraq, no, you fat fuckers don't give a rat's ass about him, but you all PISS yourselves over the thought that some bozo might burn a flag and that the Federal Government needs to come down on him with both jackbooted feet.

So SCREW THE FLAG and WIPE MY ASS WITH IT! As long as there are veterans who don't have a safe place to sleep, food to eat, and the medical, physical and psychiatric care they deserve, then the flag is being desecrated far worse than anyone could do with a can of naptha and a Zippo!

The Government has always considered veterans as a disposable commodity. Use them and then throw them away. From the very first, the surviving veteran has always been the first to be screwed by the Feds, and the last to be succored. Even today, the bullshit from the Feds about Gulf War Syndrome is sickening. These men and women are sick, they are dieing, they are giving birth to seriously deformed children. This is not all in their minds. The Government just wants to weasel out of paying for their care and treatment.

That the surviving veterans of America's wars do not take up arms and march on Washington DEMANDING redress of their grievances amazes me.

Well, not really. They tried that once before, right after World War I. Something called the "Bonus March". When they reached Washington, D.C., they wound up being FIRED UPON by the same Army they once served in, on the direct orders of the President.

One day, though, the Hired Help in the White House, on the Hill and in the Pentagon, will be called forth (hopefully at bayonet point) to answer for their sins of omission and commission.

And then, perhaps, the Government Sanctioned Desecration of the Flag will cease.

Don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen, though.

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