Ellen DeGeneris is a

Well, whoop de flamin' do! Tell me something I don't know.

Her character on her ABC sitcom Came Out as a lesbian, and that same night, on some news magazine show, DeGeneris herself announced to a mostly indifferent world that, she, too, was a lesbian.

If there was a God, this announcement would have caused fatal heart attacks for Jerry Falwell, Donald Wildmon, and everyone else who had proclaimed, with the flag draped over their shoulders, their well thumped Bible in one hand, and the other hand resting on the shoulder of an innocent child, that Ellen DeGeneris would be the downfall of American Family Values.

Funny, the one family value that they ignore is the one which reads;


For the most part, Americans are fairly indifferent to what goes on in private, it's only when they get fed leading questions by biased pollsters are the Shocking Facts about the so-called "Gay" lifestyle Viewed With Alarm by Concerned Citizens.

When it's anonymous queers and dykes that are being talked about, well, yeah, I guess they are unnatural perverts, despised by God and worthy of persecution.

When it's the next door neighbors that are the perverts in question, whoo hoo, how the response changes!

Ethan and Doug are wonderful people! They are perfect neighbors and they can look after my kids anytime! (Or substitute Clarice and Toni, or Mo, Ginger and Sparrow, as the case may be.)

Save for that one aspect of their lives, the same sex bidness, gays and lesbians are just like the rest of us. More concerned with paying the bills than subverting God's Plan for His Children.

Hell, the real gay perverts are the ones who still think they can make a difference in the Republican party. Give it UP, Mary! All they want is your money and your hard work for the Party. Do you really think that the Christian Coalition will let Newt and his puppets actually do anything in support of civil rights enforcement for gays? If you do, you've had one too many poppers in the back room of The Grease Gun, sweetie!

Hey, what do you Log Cabin members think about Trent Lott equating you with drunks and shoplifters? What the HELL is it going to take before you realize that the current Republican leadership thinks you are all disgusting perverts, and their masters in the God Squad think you all should be killed as an abomination in the sight of God. These people


Why the hell do you still support them? Are you so befuddled by ideology that you can't see that you're being used?

And then there's the empty headed fairies who still think that Bill Clinton is their friend. Shake hands with REALITY girlfriend! He sold you out and will sell you out again if it'll benefit HIM. Just who the HELL do you think actually SIGNED the Federal Defense of Marrage Act into law?

It's up to the straights in society to insure that our gay brothers and sisters get the same basic rights that the rest of us take for granted. It's not a "special" right not to be denied a place to live, because you're gay. It's not a "special" right not to be fired from a a job because you're a lesbian. God Fucking Dammit, it's not a "special" right not to be BEATEN TO DEATH ON THE STREET because you're not obviously heterosexual!

And to Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Donald Wildmon and all you other self-proclaimed "men of the cloth": If you are SO exercised over the mere thought of homosexual actions, then I strongly urge you not to suck a dick! Nor should you allow someone to stick a dick up your asses. It's that simple!

But as long as taxpaying citizens (something you lot don't do) choose to express their sexuality amongst fellow consenting taxpayers, keep your damned nose out of their bedrooms and your fingers out of the legislative process. (at least until you start paying taxes.)

40 years ago, American society began to make the change that it was a basic human right to work, to vote, to live anywhere, to not be murdered with impunity if you were black. To listen to the anti-gay rights activists, and to understand their basic orientation, just substitute the word "nigger" for gay, lesbian or homosexual in their speeches and literature. Man, it's George Wallace at the schoolhouse door all over again! Except that Pat Robertson can't call out the National Guard to keep the faggots in their place at bayonet point.

I've taken great pleasure in writing the companies that have been targeted by the anti-gay/pro "family values" crowd for abuse and calumny because they offer benefits and whatnot to gay employees or who are otherwise gay-friendly or even gay-neutral. I :cc those letters to Wildmon and Falwell and Schafly and all the rest. My letters are universally positive and supportive of their gay-friendly policies, and I make it a point to mention that I am straight and that given a choice between their products or services and those offered by a gay-negative competitor, I will always choose to spend my money with them, even if it costs me more money than a competitors product or service.

In America, it ain't
that matters.
The ONLY color that counts is

When Wildmon called for a boycott of Disney, I had to buy some birthday stuff for diverse children I'm accquainted with. Normally, I'd get them some fun stuff that the parents wouldn't like but kids love. I did that, as well as dropping a bundle at the local Disney Studio Store for tshirts and toys and the like. I sent a copy of the receipt to Michael Eisner at Disney with a note as to why I was sending it to him. Never did get a response, but then, it doesn't matter, all that counts is that somewhere in the bowels of Disney, there is a another number in the PR ledger that shows someone told Wildmon to piss off in the only way that really matters. Someone spent money to buy Disney stuff to demonstrate his opposition to Wildmon and his minions.

It's none of my business, (nor yours, either!) what a couple of consenting adults do with or to each other in private. It CERTAINLY isn't the business of the State to poke and pry into the private lives of the citizenry.

It IS the business of the State to ensure that ALL citizens are afforded equal rights and equal protection under and before the Law. Gay men and Lesbian women are citizens. Period. Their sex lives or orientation has NOTHING to do with the legal status of "citizen". Period.

My gay fellow citizens have come a long way, as have my black fellow citizens.

We still have a long way to go, together.

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