Image. Electron photomicrograph of part of the circuitry of the Pentium processor. The words "bill sux" can be seen on the surface of the chip The forces of good leave their message where ever possible.

This scanning electron microscope image is of part of an INTEL Pentium processor integrated circuit.

The statement, "bill sux" was inserted into the photoreduction masks by a couple of engineers who once worked for Motorola, the company that manufactures the processors for the Macintosh.

When this little bit of microcosmic commentary was discovered, the two engineers were fired by INTEL.

It's comforting to know that a lot of Pentium computers now carry this Basic Truth, engraved in their heart.

Well Done, gentlemen, Well Done!

Turns out this was a hoax, created with Photoshop, by a creative trickster.

However, it seems that there are genuine examples of micron-scale graffiti on the surface of silicon chips.

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