"My name is Chris, and I'm a pervert."

"Hi, Chris!"

Yes, I am a pervert. As a heterosexual American male, I'm supposed to be enthralled by the likes of Pamela Anderson. Well, I have to confess that she does nothing for me. Nothing at all. My indifference towards blonde, big breasted women is monumental.

What turns me on is brains. Intellegence. Now that's sexy!

So, you want to know just how perverted I am? Check out this picture:

(Yes, it's a link. Click on it)

She's Dr. Mae Jemison. Doctor, Engineer, Astronaut. She speaks three languages, besides English.

And check out the suit. Forget Victoria's Secret! You wear this when you ride the Shuttle into Earth Orbit. You don't buy this suit. You earn it through brains and hard work and determination.

Any blonde busty bimbo can get the red tanksuit on Baywatch. Pamela Anderson couldn't even get through the front door at NASA. Dr. Jemison is an astronaut, a doctor and an engineer.

And for me, that's amazingly sexy.
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