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OK, so there's this real rat-bastard of a journalist, Spider Jeruselem. He's been away from The City for 5 years, living on The Mountain. Until the Phone Call telling him he has to deliver two books to a publisher or he will be screwed in ways that would make a Turkish prison guard puke.

So, off to The City he goes and wheedles a column gig from Royce, an old friend and City Editor at The Word, a newspaper.

And as they used to say of Lucy and Ethel, "Hijinx Ensue!"

TRANSMETROPOLITAN Is the creation of Warren Ellis, a smartass Limey bastard, and Darick Robertson, his bootlooking toady of a penciller.

An ongoing 'graphic novel" (it looks like a comic book, but they show tits and everyone says "fuck" a lot, so it's a graphic novel.) published by DC under their VERTIGO imprint.

Not for the kiddies, unless they're sick little fucks, just like Ellis

Amazing artwork, there's tons of stuff going on in the background, and foreground, too.

And like the best writing, it holds a very sharp mirror up to the world and gleefully points out the huge bleeding, ulcerating sores that we all pretend aren't really there.

The first three issues are now out in a trade paperback, BACK ON THE STREET. Along with a new TPB, LUST FOR LIFE, with 6 more issues under one set of covers.

Well worth getting, reading and god-dammit, venerating! is the site of (oh, COME ON, do I have to say it?)(seems to be partially down of late.)

OTHER TRANSMETROPOLITAN LINKS(Some of which are no longer active as of April 15th, 1999.)

Well, what are you waiting for?

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