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New Periodical for Technological Survivalists

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carl Freeman, although readers of Cybertek know me better as "The Omega Man." Since its inception in 1990 I have wrote a survivalist column for Cybertek called "The Day After." I am a retired computer programmer from the RPG and COBOL days, and for the present live "rustic-style," residing in a cabin somewhere in the Northeast United States. Ticom and I met in a gun store, long since gone out of business, in Westchester County, NY back before Cybertek existed. I found the concept of a libertarian 'zine that contained both high-tech hacking-type info and low-tech survivalist info very exciting, and came onto the editorial staff.

With the passing of Cybertek and Modern Survivor, I have decided to start up a periodical to take over where they left off. Its name will be Magnitude: The Technological Survival Journal. It will be quarterly, and the subscription price will be $10/year. I expect the first issue to be released by Spring. Those of you who'd like a sample of our periodical need only send a SASE. I have also talked with Thomas Icom, and although this magazine is not affiliated with the old 'zines, I will honor all existing subscriptions to both Cybertek and Modern Survivor.

Useful and relavent technological survival information for those on a budget is needed now more so than ever. The statist (read: totalitarian) slide downhill the United States has been experiencing over the past decades is accelerating. Diseases thought long under control are making a comeback. Violent crime is on the increase, and the American people are being lied to about it. The President of The United States, a self-proclaimed totalitarian, admits to the commission of felonies and is acquitted. The Y2K bug looms near in the future with the potential to cause widespread disturbances. Laws restricting the self-reliance ability of our citizens are passed daily. The mass media ignores the real issues and instead uses their power to further the aims of totalitarianism.

Magnitude, like the original incarnation of Cybertek, will contain both high-tech and low-tech information presented to assist you in your daily quest for self-reliance and preparedness. With it, you will learn how to be able to defend yourself effectively, communicate with others of like mind, gather information and the real news in order to stay informed, stay healthy, stretch your hard-earned dollar, and regain your freedom.

Magnitude: The Journal of Technological Survival
Subscriptions: $10/year (published quarterly)
Samples: SASE
Send check or M/O to:
862 Farmington Ave
Suite 300
Bristol, CT 06010