An underground alternative to the wired Internet
Other Documentation

Introduction to Packet Radio Technology

Packet Radio FAQ
Hands on AX.25 and wireless TCP/IP Introduction

Dr.Who's writeup on Packet Radio (very informative)

Application of the Technology

AX25-HOWTO - AX.25 Networking setup in the Linux Environment
HAM-HOWTO - Amateur Radio apps. for the linux Environment

Antenna Testing Prodedures and Documents:

NRL Report 4433: Part I - Design and Calibration of Microwave Antenna Gain Standards
NRL Report 4433: Part II - Note: when building these use Large sheets of Copper clad PCB material for savings and ease of construction.

EIA/TIA-329-B - Minimum Standards for Communications Antennas, Part I - Base Station Antennas


DRSTM- Data Radio Standard Test Method
Power Systems:
Solar Power System