An underground alternative to the wired Internet
Windows 95/98 Software
While we will be concentrating mostly in the unix world, Windows 95/98/CE software will be made avialable to connect to the network.  For AX.25 and TCP/IP connectivity through DOS and Win95, the FlexNET software can be utilized.  The software configures your soundboard as a TNC.  All you need is a radio and a cable, and you are on the air.

FlexNET - DOS/WIN95 based Wireless Stack

PC/FlexNet is a powerful, flexible and easy to use AX.25 stack for Intel-80x86 based PC's running on DOS or MS-Windows95. PC/FlexNet's sister software, RMNC/FlexNet, is a digipeater software for a microcontroller hardware (the RMNC). You will need pcf.lzh and a driver for the equipment unique to your setup(found on the DOS page).

Software Package
Package Description
flex95.lzh Win95 add-on package for FlexNet (Documentation)
ether32.lzh WinSock network driver (AXIP/IPX) (man page)
flex95ip.lzh Win95 TCP/IP Add on package (Documentation)