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cqure AP

cqure AP is a Wireless 802.11 AcessPoint based on Trinux,
and can be run from one floppy. It is still somewhat 
"technical" to set up, so some basic knowledge of 
Linux/Trinux is recommended.

cqure AP can act as a bridge (apmode) or as a gateway. It
has support for iptables firewalling and all other packages
which are supported by Trinux.

Most Trinux scripts have been modified to fit the needs of
the AP, which in most cases make them more in-flexible than
the originals.

cqure AP was written for use on old laptop computers without
the need for a noisy harddisk. cqure AP has been developed on
an old AST laptop and has successfully been tested on my
Compaq Presario 700 aswell, which means minimal testing have
been done.

cqure AP needs a Prism 2/2.5 based Wireless interface to work.
For a list of Prism 2 based cards do a google search or look
at the linux-wlan projects homepage
I have been using a Netgear MA 401 card.

For the 10/100 ethernet card, I have been using a 3Com 3C589D
pcmcia card. The ap has support for most pcmcia cards, supported
by the linux kernel. If you have a pci network card, you will
have to download net-modules.tgz and copy the appropriate
module to the root of the floppy (a:\). Upon boot the modules
in the root will be installed automatically, and hopefully your
card will be recognised, and installed.  

Please report success of running the AP on any other hardware
to me it would
be nice if you could attach a dmesg output to the mail.


Create floppies by using rawrite (under windows) or by simple
dd:ing the images to floppies under Linux. eg.
dd if=cqureap-1_0_4-floppy1.img of=/dev/fd0.

Mount the floppy from Windows or Linux. Modify the files under
the tux directory. The options directory basically contains
empty files which decide which options of the AP are turned on.
So if you eg. want to run in bridged (apmode) copy the file
bridge from the subdirectory disabled to the options directory.
If the bridge file is not present, cqure ap will be started as
a gateway. If one would like to have firewall support, one would
copy the file firewall from the directory disabled to the
directory options. Please observe that if cqure ap should be run
as a gateway, the additional floppy two is required.

Configuration for e.g the firewall is read from
tux/config/firewall *if* the file tux/options/firewall is present.
Examples of configurations can be found in the current firewall

For configuring the networking e.g bridges/interfaces/routing,
have a look in the subdirectory of config called net. There are
a few straight forward configurations files in there already, that
should work for most situations. The subdirectories of net will
be looped for files during initialization and all files in e.g
interfaces, will be setup as interfaces.

The default configuration on the AP is with the network name
"foobarnet" with a wepkey of 12345 running in bridged mode with the
IP This should ofcourse be changed !

- A lot of documentation.
- Configuration interface.

These are some projects that are included in cqure ap.
Host AP driver for Intersil Prism 2 cards

If you have any questions concerning cqure ap, mail me at

support for acting as a dhcp server 

Download -------- cqure ap minimalistic documentation docs cqure ap ver 1.0.4 cqureap-1_0_4-floppy1.img cqureap-1_0_4-floppy2.img