The 2007 Value In The USS Liberty Attack


It becomes the Keystone for the Zionist's history of False Flags.







Attacked By Israel For Two Hours






The USS Liberty Flag








Will The Crew Ever See Justice?

You need to see the world through the eyes of the Zionist. There is no God, no afterlife, and consequently, no conscious. The real deal, according to Zionists is, they are supreme beings that walk the earth, they have super intellects, and their destiny is to rule the world.

The pecking order is, the Zionist is a demigod, the white European are cattle, the blacks are monkeys, and the Arabs are cockroaches.







The Crew's Justice

I am sorry guys, but if you expect any justice from our governmental leaders, you better take 'Longevity Pills'.







Only Good News Is The Internet

The delivery format is helping the USS Liberty. People can get history from both sides.














Starship Commander Abbie Cristol

Measuring The Effect Of The Internet

It's like a scale and a counter balance. The amount of ridiculous websites, with their comical theories,  to counterbalance the few positive ones is enormous.

Typical Negative Websites

  • Alex Jones says, 'Johnson and the CIA, forced Israel into the attack'
  • Starship Commander Abe Cristol says it was friendly fire
  • Others say the USS Liberty was giving battle information to the Arabs
  • Then some say it was to keep the world from knowing Israelis executed Egyptians
  • Another site says that the US Government assured the Israelis that all ships were moved 100 miles away








Attacks On The Crew

The latest trend in websites is to discredit the remaining crew. During the June 9th anniversary I learned the attack was 40 min long, it happened in the cloud of 'Israel fighting for it's survival'. The real heartbreaker is I also learned the crew are 'Nazi sympathizers', and now are Anti Semites!!













USS Liberty Survivors

The latest Israeli writer's stance is the USS Liberty crew are a group of old feeble Nazis, who are actually  funded by Al Queada.







Where Is The Truth?

The attack was deliberate and pre-planned. It was a Zionist False Flag to get America to attack Egypt. And the the 2007 value in the Liberty attack is, it becomes the crystal-clear cornerstone in countless hazy attacks Israel has pulled off.

When you think the Madrid Train attack, 243 dead marines in 1983 Beirut, Lockerbie, 9/11, and you hear "That's an anti Semitic conspiracy talk", then bring up the USS Liberty. In fact, when you hear the ambush of six female marines by 'mysterious killers', then put it in the context of how vicious Israel was to use napalm on the USS Liberty crew.

Next time you are at a cocktail party and Tad and Muffy Witherspoon say: - "Today we read that Israel orchestrated 9/11, but that is absurd!".  The standard answer should be, 'Did you ever hear about the USS Liberty?'




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