Dog Gives Hitler Salute







What If This Spreads?









The Dog Must Be Gassed







Jewish Spokesman Says, "The Dog's Owner Broke The Law"









The Dog's Owner
A German, who suffers from dementia, taught his dog to raise his paw when he said 'Salute Das Furhrer'. The owner is now going to jail for five months, and the dog is either to be adopted, or gets the 'Zyklon-B' treatment.

The use of Nazi symbols, slogans or gestures is banned in Germany.







Zionists Say Five Months Is Not Enough

The owner, who has diminished culpability due to brain damage sustained in a 1995 accident, gets to serve a five-month sentence in a Berlin prison.






Will Other Dogs Turn To Nazism?

The animal shelter says a nine-year-old large black dog like him would be hard to unload, as people generally prefer small, young, light-colored dogs. "However, we think he will quickly find a new owner because he is so famous," he says.






Zionists Want New Owners To Be Screened

German Jewry fear Nazi sympathizers might want the dog? König doesn't think so: "He's just a dog like any other and doesn't have anything that would make him interesting to right-wing extremists." However, she said the shelter would "take care" in choosing the new owner.






The Dog May Be Related To Hitler's Blondie?

When the owner spotted a foreigner, Herr Thein shouts: "Sieg Heil! Adolf - sit! Give the salute!", and the dog obeyed.  Adolf is an Alsatian that vaguely resembled Hitler's favorite dog, Blondie.










Should The Doggie Take The Gas?


Yes ....The 'High Council Of German Jews' Has Spoken
No .....The High Council must make exceptions
Better Yet... F_ck the High Council free polls




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