Holocaust Commemoration Train Tours Germany






There Will Be Four Boxcars Full Of Exhibits







They Carried Millions To Their Deaths







Today's 2000 Mile Trip Across Germany








It Is Dedicated To The 1.5 Million Children Gassed







Hundreds Stuff In One Car








"Schnell Schnell, Rouse Rouse" Screamed The Homicidal Nazis









German Jews Tour The Country

The "Train of Commemoration" is made up of a vintage 1921 locomotive and four train cars holding commemorative items, such as maps, chronologies, letters, laws and regulations, and other official documents related to the railway's role in transporting children from across Europe to their deaths. It will stop in over 30 cities as it winds along its 3,000-kilometer (1,864-mile) route through mostly southern German towns.








A Train Of Memories

This 1921 steam engine will take a six month journey starting in Berlin and ending at Auschwitz.






Thirty German Towns

It's route will stop at thirty towns.






Boxcars Full Of Memories

The camps, the dogs barking, the chimneys spewing smoke.







 Mengele Waiting

He especially like children, whether it was sewing them together to make Siamese twins, or injecting blue dye into their eyes.






School Children

Every place the train stops the local schools will send students.






 Survivors Will Lecture

Holocaust survivors like Abe Bladderstein will talk at the schools. Here he describes how Nazis would choke children for sport.






Just Sixty Years Ago

These young Germans grandparents were dropping Zyklon-B on 1.5 million Jewish children.







The Organizer

Hans-Ruediger Minow, head of the train organizing committee, is irate because the German National Railway won't pay for the tour. 






Hanni Kawinski Will Never Forget

Hanni and her older sister were just five years old when Nazis took them from a Dutch orphanage and sent them to Sobibor. Her sister was gassed but Hanni survived.








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