Understanding The Zionist Network








Where Did It Start?

Zionism started when the Sephardic traders discover a Mongolian tribe in lower Russia known as the Khazars. Because of their remote location they had inbreed for years, and they were soulless creatures, with no conscious. The Sephardics had found their army.







The Kingdom Of Khazaria

These creatures were spawned in lower Russia.






They Were Ruthless

They controlled the Volga passes between the Black and Caspian seas. They butchered and killed more people than the Black Plague.






The Sephardics

They found their army in the Kharzarians and had them convert to Judaism in approximately 874 AD.






The Khazars Were Always Confined

The Sephardics had their army, but Russian and Germany wanted no part of these foul creatures.








The 1918 Bolshevik Revolution

International Jewry saw their chance when the Russian peasant was dissatisfied with their economic condition. Lenin arrived from New York and overthrew the Czar.







Zionists Start WWI

The point of WWI was to destroy the Austrian Empire, and weaken Germany.







Bringing America Into The War

Churchill, whose mother was Jewish, aided in the Lusitanian sabotage affair. Zionists agents were suspected of planting a bomb, which killed 980 people.






The Treaty Of Versailles

After WW1 the Zionists dismembered the German and Austrian empires.






World War Two

Zionists use Poland to provoke Hitler, and the world destroys Germany.






The Khazarians Are Free

Once Hitler, and Germany, were wiped out these creatures were free to ravage Europe.






Stalin And His Bolsheviks

The Bolsheviks/Communists/Zionists took over Eastern Europe.








Today Their World Control Is Almost Complete

They control practically every major government, the media, the judicial systems, the universities, and the professions.






The Zionist Control Of America

Everything from the media, the judicial systems, the universities, the professions, are either Zionists or controlled by them.







The Key Lies In Their Sayanims

For centuries they realize the key was their interlocking relationships. As they gain control of a country, company, hospital, university, or what ever, they will favor their own. Just in America there are 12,000,000 of these foreign agents.

Everyone marvels at their amazing mass in the upper classes, most assuming the Zionists have a greater mental capacity. The truth here they favor their own.






Look To The Universities

80% of the public non denominational universities have Zionist administrator. Harvard has an Israeli club, and there are 400 members.







Pick Up A Newspaper

Read about the group that bought Chrysler is reallocating dealerships to 'Special Friends', or how GM's health care fund will be turned over to a Zionist controlled union, or Iraq, Iran, etc.






Al Zimmerman Is Typical Beneficiary Of This Relationship

Zimmerman earned $75,686 a year as an administrator of  Florida's Department of Children & Families services.  He was arrested on child pornography charges, hosted parties at his house in Tampa where teenage boys drank alcohol and were encouraged to pose naked and masturbate while Zimmerman took pictures of them. He then sold them on the internet.








Where Does It End?

Their gains rely on always controlling the powerful countries. Their control of Russia, America, and Britain, in 1939 is how they destroyed Germany. Today their problem is who will control the American populace. Let the United States slide into their engineered depression, and see if the Zionists survive this round. That is why there is a giant push for gun control.



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