Dick Cheney Wants A Book Deal

So he is dropping some juicy tidbits about the Washington fiscal charade.








The Pentagon's Missing $2.6 Trillion Dollars






The Pentagon Comptroller Stone-Walls The Congressional Committee








Who Is Zakheim?

 Dov Zakheim is a Rabbi, and a Zionist fanatic, who George Bush made the Pentagon comptroller (money master). He is an Orthodox Jew, trained at Yeshiva University, with neglible real accounting background.

In his early career he acted as an Israeli agent, he gained notoriety for his involvement in protecting Israel and their failed IAI Lavi fighter program.







Zakheim's Claim To Fame

In 1980, Israel tried to steal the F-16 design. Israeli Aircraft industries took a stock F-16 and added a small canard wing, similar to the French Mirage fighter jets. They 'claimed' the total cost for the development and production of the Lavi was US$6.4 billion in 1983, of which around 40% was funded by the United States and 60% by the Israeli government.

The plane flopped.







The Zionist's Con

Israel took a couple of 1983-model  $8 million dollar F-16's and did a $2 million modification, but billed the USA for $3 billion. The Lavi was a loser, so the Israelis had Zakheim tell Reagan they were going to sell their superior design to the Chinese. Reagan panics and gives Israel $500 million for it's lost contracts.

Reagan then gave Israel a wing of F-16's as a bonus and sign of appreciation.







Bush Makes Him The Pentagon Comptroller

After the Lavi swindle, Zakheim faded from public view until Bush decided to make him the Pentagon comptroller from 2001 to 2004.









The Missing $2.6 Trillion

The Zionists not only steal military intelligence. They also take scientific info, such as about weapons systems, and fund projects. When Congress demanded to know where the missing $2.6 trillion went, Zakheim quickly resigned from his Pentagon Comptroller position.







Randy "Duke" Cunningham Explodes At Rumsfeld And Zakheim

Randy Cunningham said, "Our focus is on helping America's defense, our kids, and I don't care about Israel". This spending has killed our readiness, it's killed our retention, it's also driven those old machines, as you talk about, those antique machines, into the dirt. That's why we're here today and that's why I think that when you say you're lifting every rock, that that's what we have to do.












So, What's The Lesson Here?

The bungling Neo-Con Rumsfeld took us into Iraq, where over 4,000 of our kids have died so far, then retired. Dov Zakheim, a Rabbi-turned-Pentagon accountant, who can't find $2.6 trillion, has slithered away into a cushy private job. I am sure he can be found acting as a lobbyist securing defense contracts. As far as Randy Cunningham, a Vietnam Ace, a Medal of Honor nominee, and a Navy legend, he was indicted on a trumped-up bribery charge and sent to prison.







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