What A Place For Naive Young Girls To Be At








Those Las Vegas Boys Will Make You A Star








A Bloated Egotistical Crypto








Cameras In The Changing Rooms?









Young And Naive

A small town girl dazzled at Las Vegas









You Need To Understand Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the Tel Aviv of America. The whole town is owned and run by Zionists. I can just see these vampires all over these teenage girls.








Donald Sponsors The Contest

 NBC co-owns Miss USA 2007 the parent Miss Universe Organization with Donald Trump.






Rob Schneider

Another Hollywood boy helped the girls along.






Girls Stayed At Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood was founded, marketed and branded by Keith Barish, who also served as its Chairman






The Fabulous Steve Wynn

Steve (nee Shem Weinberg) gave the girls first class treatment at his hotels.





  Who Really Runs Las Vegas

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