Israelis Firing On Children In Refugee Camps






Five Dead At One Camp And Two Were Children





Shooting Kids In The Street









It Started Over This Silly Story Of A Daring Raid

Israel says Arabs charged two miles past tanks, and machine guns, to kill a maintenance worker






Four Arabs Battled An Company Of Israelis Here?

Then ran three miles to a Israeli town







Smoke Comes From Oil Pumping Station









You Need To Be A Total Idiot To Believe These Zionists

They say four Arabs fought past a tank, and machine gun nests, then ran three miles to a fuel depot and shot two workers. But the truth is there was a accident (smoking picture above), two guys died, and Israel fabricated the story. Then they attacked the Arabs in retaliation.

In the West Bank every time s settler gets drunk and is killed in a car accident, he suddenly becomes a victim of a terror attack. A year ago two settlers overdosed and the bodies were brought to a cave, and the story was that Arabs kidnapped and tortured them.









Israeli fire kills 8, including children, in Gaza
At least eight Palestinians were killed by Israeli tank and gun fire in central Gaza on Friday, three of them boys aged 10, 12, and 13.






Israelis Target Refugee Camps

Israeli forces entered the area east of the Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza in the early hours of Friday morning. The military said the goal of the operation was "to harm the terrorist infrastructure" and to distance Palestinian militants from the border fence.







Israel OKs Children As Targets

An army spokeswoman, speaking on condition of anonymity under army rules, said the soldiers came under heavy mortar and sniper fire and clashed with local gunmen. She said she had no information about youths having been killed, but that if children were in the area of the clashes, they would have been at risk. 2







Death Toll Up To Eight

Israeli tanks and armoured bulldozers, backed by assault helicopters, had advanced one kilometre into the Bureij refugee camp. Israeli forces killed eight people dead, including a 10-year-old boy. Another 27 people were wounded, with four in a serious condition.









Victorious Warriors

Israel has vowed to "settle the score" with the Islamist Hamas movement for a border attack that killed two Israeli/Arab civilians on Wednesday, ending a month of relative calm in and around Gaza.







The Supposed Spark

Israel claims that four Palestinians battled  machine gun nests at a border crossing, then ran three miles to a guarded pumping station, and killed two maintenance workers.

Now here is an odd funeral. Izzie gets dumped in a prairie, and everyone's is in blue jeans.










Gunboats Shell Arab Picnic

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