The Battling Billionaire Blixseths






A Real Estate Tycoon Has A Vision








An Exclusive Mountain Resort For Billionaires

The 'Yellowstone Club'








A $25 Million Dollar Starter Home








A Long Way From The Ghettoes Of Krakow








One Of The Children Get Married  - Mozeltov!








The Las Vegas Billionaire Adelsons








If You Have To Ask The Price Then Don't Come

For the ultra-rich, the Yellowstone Club is a private retreat like no other. It boasts its own ski resort, security provided by ex-Secret Service agents and a deep-pocketed membership that includes Bill Gates and former Vice President Dan Quayle.






Movie Stars Love The Place

Billy Crystol, Robin Williams, Mickey Douglas, and all the fab Hollywood crowd can be see at the exclusive clubhouse.






They Like Being With Their Own Kind

None of them forget when Bill Gates wasn't allowed to join the Augusta Golf Club.






The Great Bagel Ranch Can't Pay It's Local Bills

Edra Blixseth said her husband was overseas with money borrowed from the club while some of the club's creditors went unpaid.






She Claims Her Husband Has Been Naughty

In 2005, after the club received a $375 million loan from Credit Suisse, Tim Blixseth persuaded the club to pass $209 million directly to his corporation, Blixseth Group Inc., according to court documents.







The Poor Staff

Isabelle Silva, and most of her fellow workers,  are from Buenos Aires. Looks like the local towns of Bozeman, and Big Sky, will get their dose of multiculturalism, as these third world Hispanics wind up on the local unemployment rolls.










Aren't They Just Fabulous

The exclusive realm of billionaires like Gates, Speilberg, Dell, Ellison, Shorenstein, Buffet, etc. Two years ago the private jets whistled in, and the remote Montana town of Big Sky got their first look the 'Rich and Famous'.

Now the town will feel the sting of unpaid bills, as contractors spend years in court chasing professional scammers, and most will never see a nickel.




Bill Gates and the Augusta Country Club

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