The Billionaire Nelson Peltz








He Owns Arbys






He Owns A $75 Million Mansion In Palm Beach Florida







Peltz's Private Jet







He Is A Mover And Shaker






So How Does A Roast Beef Stand Produce Billions?

Just how did Izzie put billions in his bank account? Did he sit behind a fast food counter slinging hash? Nope, the story here is his parents fled Poland, and settled in Brooklyn, where young Peltz was hatched.


Real Name

A good guess is Nathan Penkowski.


Peltz claims to be 64 years old. He was raised in Brooklyn.


He attended Wharton, presumeably on a scholarship.

Military History

He was not able to attend Vietnam, but have no doubt that 'Young Peltz' wanted to.

Business Paths

He owned a buyout firm which purchased Arbys.


Triarc, which was Pelton's firm, would borrow from bankers.


Arbys would find a magic pen accountant, produce fabulous financials, and would go public.


He wants to buy Wendy's, naturally the money will come from average american's retirement funds, and it's an easy guess as the the ultimate beneficiary  will be Peltz.

What's The Scoop

The source of their vast fortunes come from the average Americans 401-Ks, which are invested in the stock market. Peltz, like countless fellow Zionists, will sit back in their gated communities, and mansions, while the rest of America crumbles. Have no fear they will stock their compounds with executive secretaries and pretty Shiska maids, and Hispanic gardeners.

As far as security, the wealthiest use ex-FBI for their contacts. Compound security will be Blackwater.




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