Brooklyn Hassidics Flaunt Their Superiority







Roving Gangs Of Hassidics Attacking Blacks







They Hung Blacks In Effigy At Their Dirty Purim Ceremonies








Gangs Stand In front Of Black-Owned Businesses









Brooklyn's Hassidic Gunzels

The Feast of Purim is a celebration about destroying their enemies. In the Book of Esther, the true Jewish Old Testament, the true Jews sacrifice their perceived enemies. 






Esther Is Every Young Man's Symbol Of Lust

Esther is a stunning young Jewish lady who uses her guiles to win over the king of Persia. He then grants the Jews the power to hang his Prime Minister Hamen and his ten sons, along with the slaughtering of 75,000 other Gentiles!








Their Dirty Feast Of Purim

The Jewish feast of Purim is Jewry's biggest celebration. Each year, the secret businessmen's B'nai B'rith fraternity selects two Gentile enemies of the Jews who are to be hanged in effigy. Last year they hanged Arabs, and the year before was Germans.








The Police Cower To The Hasidics

When asked about the noose and hanging incident, and if the Jews would be charged with a Hate Crime, there was no answer.








This Year, The Enemy Is The Negro

Besides hanging "two enemies of Zion" in effigy, the Jews make dolls and cookies which are called "Hamen." The celebrants then smash the dolls with hammers or stomp upon them with their heels screaming, "We have destroyed Hamen, the enemy of the Jews".

The hatred of the 'Schwartzer' (yiddish for negro) goes back to the early Israelites, Noah and his sons, Shem and Ham.The Sephardic reputedly get their dark complexion from Ham.











How Far Off Are Blood Libel Ceremonies?

Blood Libel is the Passover ceremony where Jews were reputed to take young children, and at a sacrifice they would drain their blood and use it in the making of Matzo. In the black lands of Khazaria, it was a common practice. After ten incidences in Europe, where arrests were made, the practice was stopped. The last actual sacrifice was done by Mendel Beilis in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1913.






Hassidics attack police

Blood Libel and France's Elite

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