The Assault On The Church Of Christ








Police Arrest The Church's Members






Multiculturalism At Its Best






Ms. Telan Cohen Mange Leads The Charge







The Ranger That Led The Raid Against The Hostiles






The Mothers Want Their Kids Back

They are sleeping on cots in a warehouse and getting sick.







Barbara Lane Walther Is The Zionist Judge

She is the one that issued the order on the search warrant, and now will decide what to do with the children. Suggestions are DNA testing and putting them up for adoption.








They Basically Kidnapped The Children

The Texas Rangers took 416 children, and 140 mothers, early this month from the El Dorado ranch of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a renegade Mormon sect.







The Kids Are In A Warehouse

The children are being housed in San Angelo's historic Fort Concho and at the nearby Wells Fargo pavilion. About 140 women from the ranch are also with the children, although they are not in state custody.








The Church Were Renegades

Zionists confirm that this is akin to Geromimo when he broke away and led the 'Comanche' on a brutal campaign against the Blue Coats








Marleigh Rebecca Meisner

A Child Protective Services person has her agency working with mental health and other experts to make the children's transition as easy as possible.







The Kids Are Getting Sick

The Zionists threw them in a old warehouse, and the stress and dampness has them becoming ill.






Homes Were Ransacked And Kids Are Bullied

Police showed up, put up a blockade, and took our kids. We have not been permitted to return to our empty, ransacked homes.

The mothers said the conditions where the kids are is appalling.  Our innocent children are being bullied,  harangued, and questioned on things they know nothing about. 5

Corporal Juan Gonzales is typical of the Zionist-inspired Affirmative Action programs.







Mark Abraham Shurtleff

Utah Attorney-General Mark Shurtleff say these children are pre-conditioned not to talk, and police should take a tougher and more aggressive stance.







The Mothers Are Separated

The judge ordered mobile phones confiscated from the 100-plus mothers who accompanied children to the shelter. Then the authorities separated the mothers from the 400-plus children. They didn't even let us say goodbye to our children."

Mothers who had children under age 5 were allowed to stay,  said Marleigh Meisner. "They reached a consensus that this was in the best interests of the children," Meisner said.3







She Has Three Boys

The state took her three boys and stuck them in an barn at Fort Concho. Marie Strand is 38 years-old, and that is contrary to the Zionists propaganda that all the mothers were 14 yr old teenagers.9










Who Do These People Think They Are?

What gives them the right to send in Rangers, ATF, and FBI to arrest 412 children, and their mothers? Then, they stick them in a warehouse, while some token female judge decides who they can live with.

These are the same 'Human Garbage', the ADL, General Jakob Nemerovsky Clark, and the Zionist Hillary, that incinerated the kids at Waco, which was really a gun thing, not just religious, and was seed work for the OKC bombing black op.









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