Israelis Claim That Arab Ninjas Attacked This Checkpoint







Israeli Tanks Guard The Crossing








The 'Supposed' Battle Raged Into The Night







Arabs Used Stolen Armored Personal Carriers








Arabs Used Israeli Jeeps And Put in Thousands Of Pounds Of TNT










Another Fake Israeli Battle

Now that Israelis are really starting to look like butchers, they are rolling out their propaganda campaign of fake rockets, and ninja attacks. In this hoax, the Israelis claim that a fog rolled into a Gaza checkpoint and Arabs tried a Kamikaze attack. Hordes of Jihadists using suicide car bombs, APCs, mortars, and rockets attacked.

In the morning there were three dead Arabs, and a story about 13 wounded soldiers. Like swastikas on grave yards, or pipe bombs in the Synagogue dumpsters, these hoaxes are getting old.


The Israeli Version

The attack on Kerem Shalom started at about 6 a.m. Saturday, Galant said. Hamas militants drove an armored personnel carrier and two jeeps made to look like Israeli army vehicles toward the crossing under the cover of morning fog and heavy Hamas mortar fire toward the border area. 1

The armored personnel carrier broke through the perimeter fence, enabling the two jeeps to enter the crossing. One jeep was detonated near an army watchtower and the second near a patrol, security officials said. Thirteen soldiers were wounded in the second blast, including eight who were hospitalized.   1








A Little Logic Destroys These Stupid Israeli Hoaxes

First of all, these checkpoints have cameras, and notice there are no videos. Next, you need to believe Arabs stole a APC, and jeeps, and drove them around. Then the Arabs attacked a fortified checkpoint/gun tower in broad daylight, and no Israeli helicopters showed up.

If there was a really mounted cavalry attack, Yahoo news would be flooded with pictures, and there are none.








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