Famous Israeli General Nearly Assassinated







Gaza Mortar Teams Attack His Jeep From Two Miles Away








Arabs Pinpoint General's Location

OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant came under mortar fire Sunday morning as he toured an area close to the Gaza Strip.

A barrage of mortar fire fell 10 meters from Galant's convoy.








Head Of Kibbutz Almost Killed

Haim Yellin, head of the Eshkol regional council and participant in the tour, said that the objective of the patrol was to assess the situation in order to coordinate the agricultural activities of kibbutzim located in proximity to the Gaza border: Ein Hashlosha, Nir Oz, Nirim. 2






This Guy Was Killed

A 20-year-old Ecuadorian citizen, Carlos Chavez, was shot and murdered by a Palestinian sniper near the security fence, while working as a volunteer on a potato farm near Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha in the northwestern Negev.  1











What Does It All Mean

It is simply more Zio-BS. Did a mortar team know this fleabag would be driving down a road at a certain time, and did their mortars fire two miles, landing with in 60 feet of him? I don't think so.

But what is really interesting is that no one realizes these 'Kibbutz' have sub colonies of foreign labor. They import Thais, Ecuadorians, Guatemalans, or whoever to do their manual labor. And when you read about an 'Israeli' being killed, it is a 90% chance it's an foreign worker or an unruly Russian.




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