A True Look A The German Occupation Of France








The Jewish Quarter In Paris








They Don't Look Worried About 'Death Camps'







Germany's Grand Entrance Was A Parade









French Family Rushing To See The German Parade?









A Typical June Day In 1943 Paris










The Sunday Market









German Soldiers Often Took A French Girl To The Cinema









Fishing In The Seine









SS Headquarters In Paris










High Society At Longchamps Racing Season










Brave Americans Were Dying While The French Sat Out The War










Hoping For A Date with An Wiermacht Officer










The French Just Sat Out The War











The French Are Furious Over A Photo Exhibition Of The German Occupation

The token history of Paris under siege was a total fabrication. And the portrayal of Jewish suffering, French death camps, beatings, etc., is one of WW2's bigger hoaxes. All the Wermacht did is fortify the French coast for the inevitable invasion.

Paris was a rest area where brave Germans came to rest after heroic battles against the Bolsheviks on the Russian front. Paris was gay, charming, and the Jewish owned nightclubs flourished.






 A Photo Exhibition Has French Jews Infuriated

The Exhibition featuring photographs of Paris taken during the Nazi occupation has provoked so much public indignation that the Paris city council has ordered posters advertising the show to be taken down and has even called for the exhibition to be closed altogether.

Entitled Paris Sous l'Occupation (Paris Under the Occupation), the exhibition at the Paris History Library shows 270 colour photographs – part of the only collection of colour images of their kind – taken between 1941 and 1944 by a collaborator, André Zucca.1






Young Jewish Students On Holiday

Young women sporting sunglasses smile coquettishly for the camera in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Parisians chat on crowded café terraces and stroll nonchalantly through the streets of the capital as they enjoy the sunshine, while children watch puppet shows and lovers embrace by the Seine. 2








Paris Jews Are Spittling With Anger

Critics of the exhibition protest that it portrays a totally unrealistic portrait of Paris under the Nazis, ignoring the reality in which Jews were sent to death camps, many ordinary people went hungry, and the Jewisn/Communist Resistance members risked their lives and those of their families to sabotage the Nazi occupiers.1







France's Glorious Military History

Frances involvement in WW2 consisted of the forty day long "Battle of France", where Germans pushed the allied armies to Dunkirk, and Hitler ordered his the Panzers divisions to stand down, and let them escape. The French army was disbanded, and Hitler allowed them to returned to civilian life.

Today, France claims it lost 810,000 in WW-2, much more than America's 405,000, or Britain's 365,000.







 According to this France lost 810,000 in WW2

World War II Fatalities

  Country Military Civilian Total
  Soviet Union 8,668,000 16,900,000 25,568,000
  China 1,324,000 10,000,000 11,324,000
  Germany 3,250,000 3,810,000 7,060,000
  Poland 850,000 6,000,000 6,850,000
  Japan 1,506,000 300,000 1,806,000
  Yugoslavia 300,000 1,400,000 1,700,000
  Rumania 520,000 465,000 985,000
  France 340,000 470,000 810,000
  Hungary     750,000
  USA 295,000   295,000
  Austria 380,000 145,000 525,000
  Great Britain 326,000 62,000 388,000
  Greece     520,000
  Italy 330,000 80,000 410,000
  Czechoslovakia     400,000


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