She Assaulted A Sheriff, And An EMT









Holocaust Survivor Arrested

A 74-year-old spent the night in jail after she refused security officers' efforts to check her at Palm Beach International Airport and then shoved a deputy, authorities said Thursday.

Elena Reichman, a Holocaust survivor who lives west of Boca Raton, is charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer. She was released from jail after posting a $3,000 bond at 5 a.m. Thursday. It was her first arrest, state records show.






Confrontational With Other Passengers

Other passengers next to her complained of her flatulence, and Mrs. Reichman became irritable.






Reichman Fights With TSA Screeners

The woman set off alarms, and when told she needed a private screening she became belligerent.  "She refused to remove the items from her pockets," Koshetz said.

Officials took her to a private area away from other passengers and called Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy Margaret Picerno. When Picerno, tried to calm Reichman down,  "She started screaming and grabbed the arms of the deputy and shoved her."

Reichman was arrested.






The Daughter Says The Mother Was Beaten

Reichman's daughter, Davira Bareli, said the deputy of acting irrationally with her mother. "The woman deputy pushed my mother and said my mother pushed her," Bareli said.







Lawyers Gather For Coming Lawsuit

Max Rothman, chief executive officer of the Alliance on Aging in Miami, said law enforcement should be gentle with the elderly population.







Florida States Attorney

State attorney's office said "Defendants like Reichman who have no prior record usually go through pretrial intervention, and she would be cleared of the charge."







She Was A Survivor

She spent four years with her parents, six siblings and about 500 other people in a forced-labor camp in a Romanian castle during World War II. She described how she was forced to lower her underwear to her ankles, a female Nazi whipped her while two males ogled her trembling buttocks!!






Name:  REICHMAN, ELENA P Race:  White DOB:  06/13/1933 
   BOCA RATON, FL 33434
Facility:  SURETY BOND 
Booking Number:  2008023397
 OBTS Number:  5003237867 Booking Date:  04/16/2008 Time:  16:09
 Arresting Agency:  01 - PBSO  Officer: PICERNO
 Release Date: 04/17/08  Time: 05:02 Holds For Other Agencies:No
 Warrant Number: N/A Jacket Number: 0371228
Original Bond: $3,000.00 Current Bond: $3,000.00
Original Bond: $0.00 Current Bond: $0.00









So What Should Happen?


Give her $50,000 and an apology

She assaulted a policeman, give her six months in county jail free polls



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