The Jewess Judge Who Wants The FDLS Church Kids Adopted







Multiculturalism At It's Finest








Judge Barbara Cohen Walther









Pushed Around By Mixed Blood Mesitozs, And Guided By A Kinky Haired Lawyer






This Is Horrible







But This Is All Right?








Your Are Looking At Your Future

Down the line these Zionists are going to collapse the economy, and they are well aware the possibility of a real holocaust happening. If everyone realizes they were behind the depression, the wars, the collapse of society, it's not a far step to stick them on trains to the 'Re-Education Camps' in the New Mexico area.

What you see here is judges, lawyers, and state administrators, who are 95% Zionists. Then you look at law enforcement and that's a multicultural cesspool  of ambitious sycophants, and affirmative actions types with an distaste for the whites.

Your choices will be a violent revolution, or forming a grass roots organization that spreads the word, and elects government officials.






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