Joe Francis Is In Trouble Again

Joe Francis (nee Jacob Frankel) is being sued by Ashley Dupre for taken pictures of her when she was 17.

Francis, 35, is a porn magnate, who started Girls Gone Wild, a video of intoxicated teen girls showing their breasts.

Francis made a public $1 million offer for Miss Dupre to appear in a "Girls Gone Wild" video and go on a promotional tour, then rescinded the offer after he realized he already had footage of Dupre from 2003.






I Was Just A Child Of 17

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Miami names as defendants "Girls Gone Wild", two of his companies and a man purportedly involved in creation of two Internet sites that the lawsuit contends improperly use Dupre's image to sell DVDs and other products.








Dupre Was Spitzer's Girlfried

Spitzer was the no-nonsense Jewish DA that specialized in criminal proceedings against prostitution. He was caught in Washington with a $10,000 a day hooker.







Joe Francis Is Under Indictment

Francis also faces federal tax evasion charges in California. Prosecutors say companies controlled by Francis claimed more than $20 million in phony deductions in 2002 and 2003 and that Francis used offshore accounts to conceal income.

Francis is no stranger to jail, he spent a year in jail for child abuse and prostitution charges for filming underage girls. 1









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