McCain Jets To West Palm Beach, Florida








McCain Will Speak At The Mayer Home in Ocean Ridge






He Will Speak To Palm Beach's Finest Jewish Families









A Who's Who Of Society's Blue Bloods









Talk About A Paparazzi's Paradise









Lots Of Pro-Israeli Activists Will Keep McCain On His Toes










McCain And His Wife







McCain Arrives In West Palm Beach

Presidential nominee John McCain is making another fund-raising trip to Palm Beach County on Monday afternoon. This time, it is for an event that Republican leaders describe as a "pro-Israel" event.









His Gracious Hosts

McCain will address local Jewish community leaders at the home of Carlyn and Lother Mayer in Ocean Ridge. Lother Mayer, a retired businessman, is a donor and organizer of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel lobby.









The Event Was Organized By AIPAC

Jonathan Wolfe says AIPAC is firmly behind McCain.






McCain Understands Zionist Pain

Here he is crying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.









McCain Is A Welcome Guest In Palm Beach Circles

McCain last visited Palm Beach County on March 6th, when he attended a fund-raiser in Gulf Breeze and raised an estimated $1 million.











The Campaign Contributions Will Flow

Johnny McCain knows that cash is the 'Mother's Milk' of a campaign.








David And Trudy 'Taffy' Becklestein

The Young Republicans are out in force.









Will Israel Try Another False Flag Like the 1983 Bomb That killed 242 Marines in Beirut?

Yes - Israel will False Flag A Carrier In The Persian Gulf
No - That was a different era, and it's never been proven that the Mossad was behind the bomb that killed the 242 Marines free polls



The 1983 Beruit Murder of 242 Marines

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