The Old Aristocrats Left Greenwich In The 1920's






The Great 1929 Wealth Transfer Turned The Tide







Russian Billionaire Hits Greenwich Connecticut

Greenwich, CT is in an uproar over a mysterious Russian billionaire Valery Kogan and his proposal to buy an $18 million home, tear it down, and build  a 27,000 square foot supermansion.  Greenrich is a tony Connecticut enclave.

Kogan controls Russia's largest airport, Domodedovo International, and with that controls the customs. He has a free hand with imports, and exports. 







He Is Tearing Down This House

The Connecticut property is the latest in a buying spree. Just last month he finished purchasing a huge beachfront lot in Israel, combining 5 neighboring properties, for about $17 million.

The Connecticut home include 26 bathrooms, a billiards room, game room, Turkish bath, Finnish bath, a wine cellar and a dog grooming room.







Descended From Russian Bolshevik Garbage

Valery Kogan is a Jewish businessman is connected to the secret services in Russia, and that he is close to former president Vladimir Putin. Some imagined Putin coming to visit his close friend and the two of them walking along the beach in Caesarea.







Like His Ancestors

Most wealthy Jews are well aware that the possibility exists that the populace may get feed up, so they always have a strongbox full of cash, and a bag packed.







Russia Is Stilled Controlled By The Bolsheviks

People muse about Putin and the downfall of the Jewish Oligarchs, but it's all just fantasy. The Zionists have controlled Russia ever since they took the Romanovs into the basement of the Ipatiev house, and six Jewish assassins shot the entire royal family.



The Romanov Execution

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