Bush Appoints Petraeus Head Of CENTCOM






Petraeus, Gates, Admiral Fallon, General Odierno, And General Pace

Admiral Fallon And General Pace have been relieved of duty.







Bush Is Overjoyed With Petraeus And Odierno










Petraeus To Head CENTCOM

Army Gen. David Petraeus, the four-star general who led troops in Iraq for the past year, will be nominated by President Bush to be the next commander of U.S. Central Command.







Bush Wants Team Players

Bush has 'relieved' Admiral William Fallon, the head of CENTCOM, and General Peter Pace, the head of the Army Chief of Staff.








Odierno Was Petraeus Towel-Holder

Gates said Odierno has had experience as "Petraeus' right-hand man" over the last year. Odierno's heritage is a well kept secret, but his daughter, Katie Odierno, is married to Abraham Funk.

Odierno is a advocate of the Iraqi surge, a confirmed Zionist, and professes that Iran is behind the bombing in Iraq. His wife is a Burkarth (nee Burkatski). He is considered a perfumed prince, and a sycophant, like Petraeus.

David Hackworth despised him. hOdierno is considered a total incompetent







Gates Is Pleased

At a hastily arranged Pentagon news conference, Gates said the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other problems in the Central Command area of responsibility, demand knowledge of how to fight counter-insurgencies as well as other unconventional conflicts.

"I don't know anybody in the U.S. military better qualified to lead that effort," he said, referring to Petraeus.







Neo-cons Are Dancing In The Aisles

Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich. was "hoping to schedule a prompt confirmation hearing."








What Does It Mean?

Petraeus and Odierno are Israel-firsters, and American troops come second to them. Petraeus is a despised sycophant, who spends his time between Washington and his Baghdad Palace. Odierno is Petraeus poodle, who talks of the glory of war. This puts you a lot closer to a war with Iran.









Admiral Fallon Is Forced Out

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