Rob Lowe Sued For Sexual Harassment







Lowe's Wife, nee Edith Stein, Is Named As A Second Defendant







Teenage Nanny Sues, And Mr. And Mrs. Lowe Counter Sue



Jessica Gibson, who was 17 when she worked for the couple, says Lowe touched her inappropriately several times between September 2005 and January 2008. The 44-year-old actor stuck his hand into her pants, grabbed her vagina, exposed himself, masturbated in front of her and showed her pornography. 3 She has retained Gloria Alreed. Lowe, 44, is a former star of The West Wing and currently appears on ABC's Brothers and Sisters. Rob Lowe is suing her and three other former employees over sexual disclosures.

The former teenage nanny said Lowe put his hands inside her pants on several occasions, and that Lowe's wife would walk around the house naked, talking about their sex life. 1

Years earlier, as a young Hebrew, Lowe was caught  making a sex tape with two 16 year-olds. Luckily, a fellow Zionist judge gave him 20 hours community service.2







She Tried Blackmailing Me

Lowe contends it's all a lie, and says she tried extorting money. It's all a lie he screams, but oddly he will not press blackmail charges?





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