Teen Idol Defiled By Artsy Zionist









Miley Cyrus Is The Star In Child Series Hannah Montana








Her Audience Is Ten Year-Old Kids







Just a Sweet Child














A Fourteen Year-Old Child In Front Of Gawking Hollywood Types









Annie Leibovitz Is The Decadent Photographer









More Of Annie Liebowitz's Art

A Subliminal Play On The Jewish Psychoses







This Cover Got Her In Big Trouble

The portrayal of a Black Man as a King Kong Ape Like Figure









Zio-Garbage Defiles Teen Star

Annie Leibovitz, the celebrity photographer, has been accused of "manipulating" a 15-year-old pop star into posing semi-naked for Vanity Fair magazine.






The Teen Star Of Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus, a teen idol and star of the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana, was pictured apparently topless, with a satin bedsheet protecting her modesty.









Disney Was Enraged?

Executives at the Disney Channel are said to be furious about the shot, which is a far cry from the star’s usual squeaky-clean image.








Vanity Fair Magazine

Another filthy rag peddling itself as High Society. It's part of Rupert Murdoch's empire.







A Look Into Liebowitz's Soul

In this piece "Colored at War", the Zionist strives to portray a patriotic female soldier as a 'Befuddled Coon'.

This girl will die in Iraq so that aging hippie cretin Liebovitz can ply young females at trendy New York cabarets.







Her Risqué Lifestyle

She admits to being Susan Sontag's life long companion.







Lesbian Fantasies

Using the camera to fulfill your 'unbridled deviate lust'!!









Where Is The Outrage?

This disgusting old 'Alternative lifestyle' feminist having a child strip to her panties. The incessant shots, countless poses, the attempts at  intimate re-positioning. No, I cannot abide by this exploitation of a naive child. This so called artistic photographer is nothing more than an aging lesbian voyeur. 

This is too reminiscent of Weimar Berlin.




The decadence of 1930 Berlin