This Texas Raid Is Really A Travesty





There Are 144 Mothers And 418 Children

That's 2 1/2 kids to a family.







They Just Want Their Children






These Are The Harlots That Zionists Told Us About?








Are The Amish Next?







Half The Kids Are Boys








These Are The Ones That Should Be Arrested








Put This Fool's Home Address On The Internet









The Kids Are Stored In Barracks









The Mothers Enter The Courthouse

Their husbands aren't allowed in.







Barbara Cohen Walthers

A 55 year-old token Zionist judge will decide what happens to the 418 kids. They will sit in a facility, and maybe put up for adoption.






Marla Meisner

Marla and her sidekick, Naomi Bladdlerstein, are from the child services and spearheaded the separation of the mothers and children.

The DFPS subsequently obtained a court order to investigate, and on April 3 through 7 carried out a broad search and removed the children.








Deputies Everywhere

The Kids are accompanied by detectives everywhere they go.








Some Were Transferred

Some kids now sleep on cots in a concert hall.







Zionist Reporters

Everywhere these poor women go there is a nosy reporter sticking a microphone in their face asking them about sexual abuse.






 State May Take Kids Permanently

The next step comes this Thursday, when state Judge Barbara Walthers determines if they all should remain in the custody of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) for a longer period of time, perhaps permanently.






Law Professors Chime In

"The state was absolutely within its rights to take these children," says Marci Hamilton, an expert on church-state issues at the Cardozo School of Law in New York.








Rachel Wants The Parents Charged

In addition to the civil action of taking custody of the minors, the state is likely to press criminal charges in this case, says Ellen Marrus, codirector of the Center for Children at the University of Houston's Law Center. "When there are so many children, so many [alleged] atrocities involved, the state is likely to bring criminal charges against the individuals causing harm," she says. 2








Nancy Grace

This tabloid media queen is pontificating what monster these mothers are.







The Fathers Are Lost

The fathers have been harassed and badgered by FBI.







Who Made The Initial Call That Provoked The Raid

Flora Jessop, who the FLDS rejected, is the outspoken critic of polygamist practices, says she thinks she may have talked to Rozita Swinton on the phone.

The Colorado Springs police arrested 33-year-old Rozita Swinton at her home on Wednesday on a charge of false reporting to authorities.






The Judge

A clown married to a prominent Jewish radiologist







What Does This Say About Our Society?

I like how silent the various churches are on this. The Pope is running around crying at Auschwitz, worried about Mexican illegals, and apologizing for a 5 yr old priest scandal. Then there is the gutless Texas politicians. But then again where was anyone when the Zionists incinerated 80 people at Waco.






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