The Mossad In America







What Really Constitutes Spying?









Jonathan Pollard

He is the most visible of the Israeli spies.






The Rosen-Weismann Trial

These two were charged in 2003 with espionage, but Israel has pressured the US courts, into dropping the charges.








You Need To Look Much Deeper

The common Sayanim is your real danger. In this version of 'Coming to America',  Ben and Hilda Wojenski immigrate from Israel, to build a better life. And by the grace of God, their son, young Benjamin, gets a nomination to the Air Force Academy.







The Five-Million-Dollar Education

So Senator Levine sponsors young Benjamin, who now has the US taxpayers picking up the tab on his $5 million education.








The USS Liberty Attack

The crew contends that the attack had more than five fighters, based on the missile strikes. Out of nine pilots, only one, an Israeli, had his name released. This simple fact shows that probably at least two of the pilots were dual-citizens, most likely born, and probably also trained, in America.







High- Tech Missile Industries

Zov Gold's family are second-generation Americans, but like many Jews, his first loyalty is to Israel. When he works on a highly-classified missile system, that information is going home with him.








Navy Ensign Ariel Weinmann

He was arrested on a nuclear sub, and taken to Leavenworth in shackles. He was alleged to have taken top-secret documents, but another worry with Zionists, is a False Flag terror attack.

What if one of these dual-citizens was at fire control when a missile is inbound against a US Navy carrier?








One Of The Latest Arrest

On April 28, 2008, the FBI bagged Benjamin Kadish. The question on everyone's mind, is how deep does this espionage ring go?








Abraham Lesnik Is Typical

Lesnik worked at the missile division of Boeing. What took years to develop, wound up on a $70 flash drive, and was turned over to Israeli agents.







Israeli Aircraft Industries

Just how did a country of 4.8 million mostly-illiterate Polish and Russian émigrés develop one of the world's most advanced weapons industries.  Israeli Aircraft Industries produces five different missiles systems, as well as advanced radar systems and electronics ,and even satellites.

These clowns never developed a Piper Cub type of plane, but they are on a par with Hughes Missiles?






The Israeli Diplomat

He slips a CD-ROM in his diplomatic attaché case, and there goes the engineering plans for the ADAX anti-missile system.








But Who Supplies The Money?

Out of the thousands of FBI, CIA, and NSA agents, there are some mavericks, and they will turn in these countless spies. Someone must protect them.

The logical money guy/handler would be Dov Zakheim. When billion-dollar contracts float around Iraq, he could influence who got them.







Who Provides The Protection?

When John O'Neill, the USS Cole FBI investigator, started to find leads pointing to Israel, 'Ms. Madeline Albright' quickly had him relieved of duty.







Mickey Mukasey

Bush reaches into to deepest levels of the Zionist world for this hero. Michael B. Mukasey, 65, is a lawyer of Russian Jewish origin, and Bush appointed him Attorney-General of the United States.






Britain's Spy King

Robert Maxwell bought some British Dailies, cooked the books, and he took the company public on the London Stock Exchange. This is where he accumulated his real wealth. Next, he is alleged to have scammed hundreds of millions from his employees' pension.

In Victor Ostrosky's book, 'The Other Side Of Deception', he alleges that Maxwell funded various Mossad operations, and when the British police were about to indict him, the Mossad killed him to silence him.









Understanding Their Psyche

In order to feed their superiority, they always have their marks fund their scams. Whether it's the Federal Reserve bailing out the 1982 Savings and Loans heist, or the Pentagon comptroller taking a wing of 20 F-15's and classifying them as surplus, and shipping them to Israel for 30% of their value.

When Heim Schwartz, the $300K-a-year engineering VP at Boeing, decides to slip a flash drive in his attaché case, we are the ones paying.






Dov Zakheim

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