What Is Going On Here, General Moseley?








Major-General Goldfein







Handing Out Contracts To Special Friends

These two Generals steered a contract to a fellow Zionist, and they were reprimanded.







A Serious Investigation

The Pentagon is investigating Major-General Stephan M. Goldfein, and General T. Michael Moseley, regarding a $50 million contract.  

Mr Beardall, the Defense Department's inspector general, will lead the investigation.  






General Hal M. Hornburg

The General retired and got a lucrative job with Strategic Message Solutions. His pals steered a major video promotion contract his way. In addition to his new job, his Air Force pension is $155,000 a year.









The Contract Was For A Video

The video promotion called "Thundervision" would accompany U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds to air shows. The $49 million contract was awarded to Strategic Message Solutions at the urging of Gen. Michael Moseley, despite the next highest contract being $25 million dollars less. 







The Special Contract

Goldfein gave 'Fast Eddie Shipley', of TV infomercial fame, a $ 50 million contract. Shipley, whose father Abraham Shipley owned a TV production company, started Strategic Message Solutions

The contract was for a website, and big-screen video presentation, at the Thunderbird's air shows. 









Favoritism On A Thunderbird's Contract

The Pentagon Inspector-General found that the 2005 contract to promote the Thunderbirds aerial stunt team was tainted by improper influence, and pointed to General Goldfein.










Levin To Oversee Investigation

Panel chairman Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, and Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, said they were deeply concerned.







The Same Road Zakheim Took

Dov Zakheim was the Pentagon Comptroller who retired and was hired by Booz Allen.









An Educated Guess

General Goldfein was a gifted Yeshiva student that got an appointment to the Air Force academy. Eddie Shipley came from a wealthy media family. He is retired, loves flying, and used his companies to take care of some Air Force generals. His company got a $50 million contract, that his competitors bid $25 million on. Naturally, the American taxpayer is where the cash came from.

The $25 million scam isn't the problem, nor is some retired General getting a $500K job. The worry is these people having access to the military.






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