Yale's Aliza Shvartz Is A Hit With New York's Avante Guard







She Video Tapes Her Bowel Movements

Guess what's in the bags on the walls!!








Aliza Shvarts Pushes The Envelope







How These Creatures Love Their Scat










Her Latest Jewelry Line Is Pendants With Miscarried Baby Brains








And Your Kids Die In Iraq For This Human Garbage?

Some strapping young rancher, from a small town in Montana joined the National Guard, to get college money to go to a state school. Little did he know that he would be in Iraq for two years because Bush, and his neocons, decided we needed to protect Israel.

Now some flea infested, unshaven, three day old undies wearing Yenta from New York gets a scholarship to Yale. In an effort to gain attention at her local Hillel house she resorts to the Zionist's basic instincts, their fascination with their vaginas, rectums, and the ohh so mystic stool.

$50 says she is on a scholarship.






The Dirty Little Creature Known As Phil Spector

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