Israel Has Begun Targeted Executions Of US Citizens





Sayanim Teams Will Move On Americans








Who Gets Targeted

Their main concern are the academics, and writers.





The Timing

Abu Nidal's 35 year run of hijackings set the stage for 9/11, and gave a 'Certificate of Authenticity', to the acceptance of evil Arabs. Now the next step has to be a horrendous False Flag, most likely a nuclear attack on a US city.

The Zionists can't allow this to be discussed.





The Assassination Of Americans

Zionists killed fifty million Russians between 1918 and 1950. After the few immediate assassinations, there will be a few years until they install a form of gulags, after their revolution.





Today's Assassinations

Zionists have bred a cult of Sayanims, ordinary people who assist and create a giant network of assistants. Their approach is threats, job loss, intimidation, and with the control of the judicial and police services, your options are vary narrow.







The Academics

Any professor that criticizes Israel, or discusses Zionism, will soon be dismissed from their job. With no job, they have no voice.





The Actual Death Squads

These will be Zionists Americans. If they can't frighten you, they will result to killing you. The preferred method today is poison.






Identifying The Targets In America

In developed countries, the main source will be the internet. Have no fear, if you are a mal-content, mouthing off in a chat room, or blog, you are going into a Zionist database.






 Join A Protest

You show up at these events, (abortion protests, anti war rallies, pro Arab), and Zionist see your potential as an activist.






Zionist Operations

Everything from the Ku Klux Klan, to the dreaded Nazis, are mostly shill organizations. Their main purpose is to collect names.





The Radical's Conventions

You attend any of these silly conventions, whether it is discussing 9/11,  holocaust research, etc.,  and you are identified as a potential future activist.






When Do The Executions Start

Executions have already have. Anna Lindh was one of the more blatant.







What Are The Options?

There needs to be a legitimate organization started, which forms the basis for the makings of a eventual third party. It has to be something along the line 'Americans against the Iraq war', a resurrection of the American First Party.

Your safety lies in numbers.







Is Any Of This Possible?

No - There are no plots
Yes - 9/11 was the kickoff for world domination free polls



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