Who Orchestrated These Events?



TWA 800 is blamed on Iran






Lockerbie Was Blamed On Libya







OKC Was The Militias






WTC Was Al Queda






The Internet Buzz

The rumors circulating under the official stories are, the FBI blew up the Murrah Building, that the CIA and Bush staged 9/11, that Lockerbie relates to a CIA drug cartel, and TWA 800 was a CIA missile. I, myself, find these theories a little too convenient, much like some of the ambushes in Iraq.

It seems when the focus comes around to Zionists, suddenly the blame goes to the FBI or CIA. Hijackings and bombs have been a Mossad specialty for years.







Logically, Who Was Behind These Events

The Mossad and it's American Units
The FBI, and the CIA


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