The Murder Of The Black Dahlia

Elisabeth Short







The Black Dahlia At Nineteen

This girl was gorgeous.








Black Dahlia Was A Studio Nickname









She Was Trying To Break Into The Movies








The 1940s Was Hollywood's Golden Age









The 1940 Hollywood Crowd

Hollywood was run by Polish, Hungarian, Russian émigrés.





The Black Dahlia

An impressionable, young, and gorgeous girl hits Hollywood, and she catches a studio's eye. She is wined, dined, promised a movie career, and brought into the 'Inner Circle'. Something happens, and some extremely powerful people are involved, and Elizabeth Short meets one of the most gruesome deaths in history.


Who Was The Black Dahlia?

Beth Short was born July 29, 1924, in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. As a child, Beth frequently attended movies with her mother. And later, the girl's goal was to work in movies.

At age 19, Beth ventured to Vallejo, California, to live with her father. Next, she moved to Santa Barbara, and finally to Los Angeles. One version has her in Florida from 1944 to 1946, but another version says she was in Los Angeles.

In January of 1947, she was found in a Los Angeles field, cut in half. Some suspects.








She Took A Screen Test

Short was said to have taken a screen test at Fox Studios.







Wined And Dined

Like many naive young girls, she was wined and dined by every studio executive that saw her.









The Murder

She was cut from ear to ear to portray a smile.











The Torso Was Cut In  Half

Various parts of her body were cut off, and there was feces in her stomach. She was drained of blood, which is similar to Jewish rituals..  Autopsy






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It Had The Mark Of The Mob

Anyone that has dealt with the mob, knows this is the way they send a message. Elizabeth had been sodomized, raped, tortured, mutilated, and thrown in a public area. The mutilation of the mouth was the trademark of someone who was about to talk.

Micky Cohen, out of Los Angeles, was thought to have a part.







She Was Butchered Using Professional Equipment

Detectives all agreed that she was cut in half using a slaughterhouse saw. The cuts were too precise for a knife or axe. Naturally, the police were not going to point the finger at a nearby Kosher slaughterhouse.








She Was Being Kept By Someone

She was someone's mistress, and it had to be one of Hollywood's elites.








What About A Movie Star?

What could she have said?  That she had an affair with Tyrone Powers? That happened every five minutes in Hollywood.

A movie star wasn't that important.









Hollywood's Golden Age

Talkies began in 1930, and the real glamour began in 1938. Most male stars (Gable, Grant, Wayne, Fonda, Tyrone Powers)  were 35 yrs old in 1943, and females were approx 25 years old.

The Black Dahlia entered the Hollywood scene in 1943, at the peak of Hollywood's decadence.









The Truth Lies In San Simeon

The Hearst Castle was 200 miles from LA, totally isolated, and had it's own airstrip. The servants were Europeans, that mostly lived in a small village miles away.

This is where the Jewish Hollywood moguls entertained their masters, the ruling elite from New York, France, Washington, etc. Guests arrived by plane, and private railcars.







  Pictures of the castle









Oppenheimers, Astors, Loebs

Royalty, as they considered themselves, got to indulge in every fantasy imaginable. The indoor pool was like a roman orgy. Hollywood actors were candy for these elite. A Randolph Scott would have been a one night stand for Solomon Guggenheim. Royalty like Alphonse de Rothschild would bed Lana Turner.

Here is where the Black Dahlia fits in.








Elizabeth Short Betrayed Holllywood

Short was brought here on a regular basis, and it is suggested her and Marilyn Monroe were used as a couple. The sex varied, but Short wasn't getting any movie parts.

Short took some pictures of what went on, and threatened her sponsor. Her especially brutal murder was a message for anyone with the same train of thoughts.







Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was said to be Short's partner, and she eventually suicided herself.








The Brian DePalma Film

As the internet came of age, it revived the Black Dahlia murder, and Hollywood produced a farce movie which portrayed Elizabeth Short as a tramp that was killed by a serial killer.


How Plausible Is This?

There is a reason the murderer was never caught, and it is because he was one very important person. The murder itself was done by Los Angeles underworld.

It's just a matter of fitting the characters together, the Hollywood crowd, the mob, and the elite, and putting a motive to it.






  Pictures of the Hearst castle

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