Who Was Alona Avaham?



A 27 Year Old Israeli With A Hazy Background

Another Mossad agent on Fight 175





Who Was Really Was On Those Jets?

Alona Avraham, was a 27 yr old resident of the Israeli settlement of Ashdod. One story has her has her as a university student on vacation,  another story says this Jewess was a technology officer for Applied Materials , third story was she was an Israeli office worker. Her siblings were all IDF officers, she was Mossad, and a member of the hijackers.

Recruiting For The Missions

Normally Israel uses the Arab recruits from Hamas, Abu Nidal's men were mostly Arabs, but this was different. 9/11 was Israel's biggest and most complicated False Flag to date, and the people were all Israeli. The perfect recruits would come from the Israeli settlers.


The money came from the Federal Goverment 9/11 fund. The people involved in every financial windfall from 9/11 were Zionists, and the funds involved were $100 billion plus.

How It Worked

The team leaders, like Lewin, received $10 million. The soldiers were radical Israeli settlers who would get $2 million. 80% of the parties involved had no idea it was a suicide mission.




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