The Assassination Of President McKinley

Roosevelt's lucky break






The Assassin - Leon Frank Czołgosz

He was a Polish Jew





Emma Goldman, A Communist Agitator, Planned The Assassination







The Jewish Crowd Wanted Roosevelt In The Presidency

The Roosevelts (nee Rosenfelt) were a wealthy group of N.Y. socialites. Teddy Roosevelt had been groomed by his family, and then the N.Y. political machine, as a future political leader.  McKinley was forced to put Teddy as Vice President on his ticket, which soon turned out to be a fatal mistake.









The Assassination

On Sept 6, 1901 an unemployed factory worker, Leon Czolgosz, walks into Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, where McKinley is speaking.  After the speech McKinley is shaking hands and Czolgosz walks up and at point blank range shoots McKinley twice in the abdomen. 

He dies a week later.








Leon Frank Czołgosz

A 28 yr old unemployed Polish Jew who falls in with Emma Goldman's crowd. He meet with her in N.Y., where they hatched the assassination plot.









Goldman And Berkman

She was arrested in Chicago, with nine others, including Abe and Mary Isaak, on September 10, 1901.

She was a legend to the N.Y. Jewish crowd.

Being a writer, a communist, a plotter, who was arrested numerous times. She was finally deported to Russia where she joined the Bolsheviks








Teddy Roosevelt

Roosevelt was born in 1858 to a wealthy New York family, his father was a merchant, who owned a glass factory. His mother, Martha Bulloch, came from a southern family, who were wealthy merchants, and slave owners.

Roosevelt was privately tutored until Harvard, and then Columbia Law in 1882. He was a NY politician and socialite, his persona was created by the New York press. In 1896 he becomes Sec.of the Navy, just in time for the sabotage of the USS Maine, and the Spanish American war.

 In 1900 he becomes McKinley's V.P., and in 1901 he ascends to the Presidency.








Roosevelt's Father

Was a New York socialite, whose marriage was arranged with a wealthy Atlanta Jewess named Bullock. During the Civil War he refused to serve.








Leon Frank Czołgosz

He was electrocuted on Oct 29,1901 at Auburn prison in New York. He received three jolts, 1700 volts each.









It's All About Control Of A Country

Beginning in the 1880's, Jews swarmed out of Poland and Russia to the promised land of America. At that time, most of America was European stock, and they all were well aware of Jewish treachery.

The chance of a Jewish person becoming President were zero to nil. The untimely death of McKinley allowed Roosevelt the presidency without the usual vetting.





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