Marc Dutroux Ran An International Pedophile and Child Porn Ring



He was protected by Belgian police and politicians.





Belgium is Israeli Organized Crime's European Headquarters For Human Sex Trafficking

Belgium has a population of about 10,000,000, of which only 40,000 are Jewish.






These Two 8 Year Olds Were Used In A Snuff Video






350,000 Belgians Protested Governmental Corruption

The government removed a key judge and halted Dutroux's trial.






Dutroux Had Seven Houses Throughout Belgium

His ring kidnapped kids all over Europe and brought them to his houses.







Dutroux's Organization Held Weekend Orgies For Politicians And Police Officials

Russia's mob is called the Organatzia




Detroux Was Finally Brought To Trial After 20 Years







Marc Dutroux, a Jewish Belgian, ran a pedophile ring and made porno/snuff movies. In 1986, Dutroux, and his wife Michele, were arrested, sentenced to 13 years in 1989 on five charges of rape, and paroled in 3 years.

Police re-arrest him in 1996 for kidnapping, child pornography, murder, and child prostitution. He finally went to trial in 2004.








Who Was Marc Dutroux?

Dutroux was a Jewish Mafia kingpin, who was believed to be in charge of Israeli organized crime's child trafficking in western Europe, who also made snuff/porno movies in Belgium. He was known to own at least seven country estates, where he made the movies and then disposed of the bodies.









His Accomplishes

  • Benjamin Stein ---- The money man who traveled To Tel Aviv and Moscow
  • Michelle Martin --- Wife who traveled through Europe abducting children.
  • Michel Nihoul ------Nightclub owner who handled police and politicians
  • Michel Lelievre-----His specialty was drugging and psychologically preparing children
Nihoul Martin Lelievre










Dutroux is arrested on drug trafficking.  


Dutroux and Michelle Martin were arrested for kidnapping and raping five young girls.   


Dutroux is tried and sentenced to three years.


He is released and buys seven estates.  


Police claim the searched Dutroux's villa.  


His wife travels to Israel, and all over Europe. She selected children, and the Russian/Israeli Organatzia (organized crime syndicate) helped her kidnap them and transport them to Belgium.


Sabine Dardenne, 12, and Laetitia Delhez, 14, found alive in basement of house.  


Bodies of four children found at Dutroux's villa.  


Dutrox and accomplishes go to trial.  


Dutroux is suspected in 20 other deaths  







Two 8 Year-Old Girls Starved To Death

Children were kidnapped from all over Europe and brought to the estates, where they were psychologically prepared, and introduced to drugs.

Underground Cages


Some of the Children Whose Bodies Were Found On Just One Estate








Charelio Police

In September of 1996, twenty-three suspects - at least nine of whom were police officers - were detained and questioned about their possible complicity in the crimes and/or their negligence in investigating the case.

Belgian state investigators were brought in, and they raided homes of 23 magistrates, politicians and police. Some were entertained at a chateau.









Jean-Marc Connerotte

A judge, and the driving force behind the investigation. He was threatened by the Organatzia, and the Police. Belgium's political influence organs finally pressured the Judiciary to have him removed. He was under 24-hour protection, and he is a marked man who INTERPOL insiders say will be assassinated.









This Is The Russian/Israeli Organatzia Everyone Fears

The media tried to portray this as four people that corrupted a few police and politicians. The truth here, is that Belgium is the Organzatzia's western European headquarters for drugs and pornography videos.

There were multiple houses, international contacts, and Belgian state police and politicians involved. INTERPOL, and private investigators worldwide, suspected Dutroux of being involved with the disappearances of  hundreds of children.




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