Hate Strikes At Ramapo College In New Jersey


Jewess Professor targeted and Hillel girls are panicked




A Quiet Little Campus




The College Lecture Hall




College Awaits Holocaust Historian

Jan Gross is a Holocaust speaker who wrote a book about a small village, Jedwabne, Poland. The book spins the fantastic yarn on how forty gentiles herded 1600 Jews into a barn, and burned them alive.


The Day The Charlatan Is To Speak

A Jewish professor discovers the words "Die Jew Bitch" scrawled on the class's  whiteboard.


College President Outraged

Peter Mercer: -  "We will apprehend the perpetrators, they will be expelled and subject to all penalties prescribed by law,"

ADL's Local New Jersey Office

"We are working under the assumption that the professor was indeed the target," said Etzion Neuer.


Professor Frightened

"I was so nervous I soiled myself."


Abe Foxman Was Outraged

The crime is horrible enough, but campus whispers of a 'Hate Hoax' is shocking.


Police Are Brought In

Detectives from the Mahwah police department are in the midst of an "ongoing investigation,"  but are curious why none of the cameras picked up a lone student going into a classroom.

Rabbi Ely Allen, Director Of Hillel

This is the second hate crime this semester. On Oct. 27, "I hate Jews" had been scrawled on a car window.


The Female Students Are Worried

The Nazi sexual assault on Rachel Fine of NH university is fresh in their minds


Gentile Students Are Sick Of Pranks

"A Jewish student did this to garner publicity for their holocaust speaker, Jan Gross."








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