Robert Mugabe Of Zimbabwe





Zimbabwe Is In Southern Africa






Nicholas Van Hoogstraten

The man behind Mugabe, and the largest land owner In Zimbabwe.







Another Communist/Jewish Scheme

Rhodesia was ruled by the descendants of English colonists, until Communists decide they wanted the land, and all the mineral resources. They find a nobody college professor named Robert Mugabe, then elevate him to a Marxist Reformer/Potentate, and elect him President.

Mugabe promises the peasants a new life, and quickly loots the country. Behind him in all of this is a Jewish tycoon named Nicholas van Hoogstraten.







The Colonists

In the 19th century British and Boer traders, hunters, missionaries, and hunters started inhabiting the area.

In 1889 Rhodes obtained a charter for the British South Africa Company, and renamed  the Matabeleland territory, Rhodesia. He promoted the white colonization of the region and claimed the land, and precious metal and mineral resources. The Shona natives staged unsuccessful revolts against white colonialist.

In 1911 the territory was divided into Northern Rhodesia and Southern Rhodesia, the latter becoming a self-governing British colony in 1922.


Mugambe Destroys The Country

He was a nobody school teacher until he was suddenly backed by Communists/Jewish interests. In 1975, he was leading a Marxist terrorist insurgency against Ian Smith's government, and by 1979 he was in control. He was elected in one of the biggest voter frauds in history.

He deflated the currency by 12000%, and told the white landowners they must sell to the blacks. $10,000,000 farms go for $50,000, and if they don't sell they are killed.



Nicholas Van Hoogstraten

Hoogstratten is a ruthless Jew, who accumulated his wealth as a London slum landlord. In 1968, he killed a priest in a grenade attack, simply because he refused to sell a property to him, and Hoogstraten served four years. By 1980, he sold all his 2000 London properties in a tax scheme, and went to Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, where he backed Mugambe. He invested in mining and farmland.

He built a $40 million mansion in Sussex, where he lives like a king. In 1999, he killed a business associate, got ten years imprisonment, but a judge overturned the verdict. He now owns over 50% of Zimbabwe's farms, most of the banks, and a few mines.


Mugambe Steals Under The 'Willing buyer, Willing seller' Principle

In 1980, Mugabe agrees to the British 'Lancaster House Agreement', where Jewish-controlled British government officials gave him 630 million pounds of British taxpayer's money to buy Rhodesian whites' land. It was supposed to be used to transfer it to landless black Zimbabweans.

By 1992, Mugabe and his friends owned the land, and now let loose their death squads, who started killing the white farmers, who owned 70% of the arable land.

Out of the 85,000 white Zimbabweans, there are only 35,000 left. The brutal rampage of killing has driven most out.


Zimbabwe Gold Mines

Zimbabwe has some of the richest deposits in the world. Kinross, a Bronfman company out of Canada, is one of the biggest.

Mugabe has literally killed all the independent operators, and now the gold is mined under Jewish-controlled corporations.


Banner Of Apartheid

A Lithuanian Jew named Yossel Mashel Slovo ran the ANC Communist party. They car bombed everyone in their way, one of his bombs kills his wife.



South African Legislator

A Jewess named Helen Suzman lead the way for Mugambe and the abolishment of apartheid.


Albie Sachs

A co-conspirator with Mashal Slovo, who later became a judge


Apartheid Was The Hollywood Buzzword

In 1980 Hollywood, apartheid was the new cause, but when the whites were being slaughtered, they didn't say a word.



Their Schemes Never Stop

From Germany, to Hungary, to Iraq, it is all just a bogus smokescreen. The amount of deaths caused by these Zionists, is incalculable. But what happened to Zimbabwe will eventually happen in America. They will use the stock market and a currency collapse to gain Americas wealth, and dissidents will be dealt with through terrorist laws.






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