The Ronald Samuel's Murder Trial

He tried to kill his wife






He Hired Hit Men To Ambush Her







Samuel Pleads To The Jury

He is the victim of a gold-digging Shiksas





 His Beauty Queen Wife







The Story Of A Naive Beauty Queen Ravaged By Two Husbands

Heather Stevens was born to middle class parents in a small Minnesota town. After high school she becomes a flight attendant, and meets Ronald Samuels, a wealthy Jewish man twenty years her senior,  they marry and have have three kids. Ten years later she files for divorce and in 1997 she marries a a Jonah Grossman.

Grossman and Samuels, both multi millionaires argue over child support, and Samuels has hit men try to kill his ex-wife and new husband.








She Marries Samuels

In 1988 she converts to Judaism and is married.


She Has A Family

They have three children. In 1994 there are rumors of infidelity and she gets divorced. Samuels who is extremely wealthy, a multi millionaire with a car dealership, has to pay $ 3,000 a month in child support.


Heather Now Remarries

Married in 1997 to John Norman Grossman of Minneapolis, MN, son of N. Bud Grossman and step-mother Beverly Grossman of Minneapolis, MN and Paradise Valley, AZ


Samuels Tries To Have Her Killed Over Child Support

Samuels hid millions in the Caymans, and pleaded poverty to a judge, who then ordered him to pay $3,000 a month in child support.  At that point he hatched the plan to get rid of the Grossmans, and line his own pockets at the same time. He had a $1 million life insurance policy on Heather Grossman.

In 1996 Samuels hires a hit man to kill his ex-wife and her husband John Grossman, for $1,500. The cheap moron hires two crack addicts, and they bungled a drive by shooting, Grossman received a grazing hit, and the wife, became a paraplegic, but lived.


The Murder Attempt

And on Oct. 14, 1997, the men tailed the Grossmans as they drove to lunch, pulling up beside and shooting them with a 30-30 Winchester. When the light turned green, Stafford shouted "Now!" and Runyon fired two shots. He struck Heather Grossman in the neck, but only grazed John Grossman's face.


Samuels Flees To Mexico

Samuels pays a  Mexican warden to claim he is in his prison, while he lives in a nearby villa. He is finally extradited (bounty hunter) in 2005


Grossman Turns On His Wife

John Grossman no longer had his cheerleading Shiksas, but a poor paraplegic, and he was mad. Grossman now enters a world of sadistic abuse.  She says her husband John spit in her face, slapped her, tossed garbage on her bed, threw bags of dog feces at her, smeared food on her face, locked her in a bedroom away from her children, threatened the kids and called them names.



She Tries To Prosecute

Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley, whose office refuses to prosecute John Grossman.


Heather Divorces Grossman

Heather can't take the abuse, and fears for her children. Grossman was suspected of abusing one of the teen children. The second husband, John Grossman, dies in 2005.


It's 2006 And Samuels Faces A Trial

Samuel is brought in from Mexico, and stands trial for the 1995 attempted murder. The Samuelstrial quickly becomes a media circus. There are the high priced attorneys, four hit men, Judges, and a poor paraplegic. It is held in Palm Beach Fl, which is 60% Jewish.



Samuels Is Out Of Control

Samuels threatened to kill the hit man if he talked


Heather Grossman On A Breathing Tube At Trial

Samuels attorneys paint her as a Gentile gold digger and Samuels as the Jewish victim.


What Are Her Chances Of Justice?

You have a New York judge, a mostly Jewish jury, some slick lawyers. The jury will hear a conspiracy case, see four drug dealers, have Heather portrayed as a gold digger.

Judge Chernow






Samuels Is Convicted

The verdict? Guilty on two counts of attempted first degree murder and on four additional charges related to the murder for hire conspiracy. Samuels was sentenced to life, plus 120 years at Columbia Annex correctional.


The Latest

Samuels sits in a country club prison in Florida, while the case is appealed. Recently CBS has gotten behind him, and is planning on running a TV series to portray Samuels as the victim.






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