Annual Lifestyles Conference






Bert And Oscar Watch Wanda And Sandy

Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas






Meet And Greet At Las Vegas Pool








There Are Sex Resorts All Over The World





Cabo San Lucas







How Wonderful

The porn peddlers hold a  five-day convention at the Stardust Hotel. Some lucky farmers from Iowa can get boinked from a naughty couple from Boise.

The interesting part is there is a whole infrastructure of resorts built around this. So Artie Schuster can go to Cabo, and watch his 50 yr old, 175 lb wife Mable get banged by a pool boy.

Benjamin (Ben) Cohen laughingly says - "You get a lot of bang for the buck at our resorts". Ellen & Joel Ehrenzweig are the 'Media contacts'.






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Israel's Gay Heartthrob

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