The Train Of Hate


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A brutal attack on a Paris train





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Savage attack

On July 12 as the Laverage Special approached Paris a Jewess known as ' Maria Q ' claimed she was accosted by a band of six Arabs on the train. According to 'Marie' one of the gang held her while knife wheeling assailants cut her clothes off. The stabbed her, took her money and painted swastikas on her stomach while shouting " You are a rich Jewess and we hate you "








Jewess Maria and ' Baby Cyclone '

When her 13 month old toddler started to cry the one Arab told another one - " Throw the baby off the train " but then they merely kicked the the child to the ground.


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Arab Quints shout .. " Abu Aka Mohammed Cyclone"

" Throw Baby Cyclone to the wind "







Video Cams show there was no attack

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Maria was fibbing




Whoops !! Another hoax


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" You are under arrest Maria "



FBI Stats on Hate Hoaxes


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