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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for

Cybertek: The Cyberpunk Technical Journal

Version 2.0B, March 7, 1995

by Thomas Icom, Senior Editor,
HTML by, Brian Oblivion,

Table of Contents

1. What is Cybertek?
2. What subject matter does it cover?
3. Is there an electronic version available?
4. How much does it cost to subscribe?
5. Are you interested in articles?
6. How much does it cost to advertise?
7. Do you have any BBSes, FTP or web sites?
8. Are back issues available?
9. Do you accept trade subscriptions with other 'zines.
10. Do you review other people's stuff?
11. Do/Will the Cybertek folks put out anything else?
12. What's your address?
13. I have another question...

1. What is Cybertek?

Cybertek is a print zine published on a quarterly schedule. It is also known as "The Cyberpunk Technical Journal". It is the second oldest "cyberpunk how- to" zine still in production. Cybertek is the second incarnation of an earlier 'zine called The UTU (United Technological Underground) Journal which was created in 1986. Cybertek has been published under its current title since 1990.

Cybertek is intended as an educational resource for technological hobbyists, a means to present alternative viewpoints commonly ignored by the mass media, and a printed stimulus intended to induce people to take an objective look at issues facing them today and not be afraid to think for themselves.

2. What subject matter does it cover?

The content of Cybertek might be best summed up by an article written in an early issue by Phantom Writer:

If you are unfamiliar with the Cyberpunk movement or what Cyberpunk is, this is an explanation for you. Even if you are 'punked, or think you are, this may change your view of what being 'punked is. Either way, this is one of the many views of what Cyberpunk is.

Many people, even a few 'punks will tell you Cyberpunks are a hacker underground. The truth is that Cyberpunks are more than hackers. Cyberpunks are writers, such as Gibson or Sterling. Cyberpunks are artists, or thinkers. The true Cyberpunk is not tech, it is knowledge. Cyberpunks are free thinkers, they are those that know something is wrong, and something has to be done about it.

All Cyberpunks agree that power is knowledge. Those who have it, can hide it, or spread it hold the power. Cyberpunks believe that knowledge should be free. Free to those who want to hear it. Cyberpunks are not out to save those who want to be complacent or ignorant. Cyberpunks are out to enlighten and educate those who want to be free. Cyberpunks are smart and knowledgeable. They do not run with morons who are out for the thrill of adventure. Cyberpunks are very withdrawn, they do not flaunt their talents in the open, they prefer to be in the shadows, their message scrawled on the walls, pirated over the air, or posted on a BBS.

Cyberpunks are not in it just for the thrills. There are enough places to go just for the thrills. The true Cyberpunks all have a message to spread. We are the street poets, the electronic philosophers. I am not saying that Cyberpunks don't enjoy the thrills. Many of us find breaking into systems fun, or pirating our messages exciting. We are not kids screwing around, we have something to say, and we have the means to say it.

If there is one thing that links all Cyberpunks together, it's technology. Whether it is a new MIDI set-up, a new word processor, or a hard drive that has one hundred more megabytes than the guy next door; there is a unknown pull towards thing s of high technology. Cyberpunks crave newtech. It is out bread and butter. What is a Cyberpunk without his tech, without his "cyber", just a punk. This is the '90s, tech is in. Tech is the vehicle that carries the truth to the ears of those who want to hear it.

Many people will say that we are criminals. They say we are criminals for hacking, pirating radio and TV, for altering telephone lines. We do what is right inside of us, not because the law says it's right to do. The world is going to hell, quickly. We are preparing for something disastrous to happen. We are not fanatics waiting for the world to end. Look around, the economy is falling, our ecosystems are dying, civilization is crumbling. We can see it, and we are preparing for it. We are not forcing a way of live on anyone. We do not ask you to shave your heads. We do not ask you to give up meat. We don't ask you to worship a leader. We don't care what kind of music you listen to. We do ask that you are willing to hear, to learn, to see what is happening around you. We ask that you voice yourself and be brave enough to act when push comes to shove. We are not violent by nature, we believe that people have the right to know what is going on. When you deprive us of that right, then we sink underground. A place where we are hidden, able to spring up and say what we have to say. We are not radicals, punks, or criminals. We are the voice. Do not shut us out.

Cyberpunk is primarily a technical 'zine. We present how-to topics on security, telecommunications, computers, chemistry, self-reliance, alternative media, alternative medicine, and other technological subjects of interest to the H/P (hack/phreak), cyberpunk, and SR/P (self-reliance and preparedness) scenes.

Cybertek also covers topics of cultural and political interest as well. The content of earlier issues (up to issue #9) ran somewhere around 80% technical/20% cultural. This changed a year ago when plans to start up a purely cultural zine, Buckshot Boob-Tube, were implemented and the editorial focus of Cybertek changed to a purely technical format (outside of the usual editorializing). Unfortunately the death of Buckshot's chief editor has put those plans on hold, and Cybertek will be going back to it's old pre-issue #9 content format.

3. Is there an electronic version?

Yes. Cybertek Electric is available via email list (email to be added), via Usnet groups alt.2600, alt.cyberpunk, and alt.ezines, via our support BBSes, and soon via the Web at .

4. How much does it cost to subscribe?

The domestic basic subscription rate is $15/year (4 issues). The complete subscription rate schedule for Cybertek is:

Individual Domestic Subscriptions:

Regular: $15/1 1/2 years (6 issues) (If postmarked before 1/7/96)
Regular: $15/1 year (4 issues) (After 1/7/96)
1st Class: $20/year
Sample Issue: $3
Canadian Subscriptions: $25/year (U.S. Funds)
Overseas Subscriptions: $30/year (U.S. Funds)
Corporate Subscriptions: $80/year
Payment can be made by either check, cash or money order. We do not handle purchase orders or "bill me" subscriptions.

5. Do you accept advertising?

Cybertek accepts both classified and display ads. Our rates are as follows:

Classified Ads:
15 cents/word. 20 word minimum

Display Ads:
1/4 page:$7
1/2 page:$13
Full page: $25

Display ads can be submitted either in camera ready, GIF or BMP format.

6. Are you interested in articles?

We are very interested in articles, artwork, interesting schematics, and other material. Contributors are compensated for submissions (besides receiving a free copy of the issue their material appeared in) which are accepted for publication, and regular contributors receive free subscriptions.

What we interested in are coherently written, grammatically correct articles. Technical articles should be solution-oriented, PRACTICAL, HOW-TO, HANDS-ON, and geared in complexity towards the beginner to intermediate hobbyist. Cultural and political articles should be thought-provoking and informative.

Submissions can sent via email, to our BBSes, or via snail-mail. If using snail-mail, we'd prefer it on a 3.5" MS-DOS floppy with the text in ASCII and graphics in BMP or GIF format. If you send it in hardcopy format, please double space the text, and make sure graphics and black & white photographs are clear looking.

When you send in your submission we will also need the name/handle you want credit under, and a name and address to send your free issues to.

Some material that we are particularly interested in include:

* Interesting "cyberpunk" cover art and cover photographs.

* Cultural, Social, Religious, and Political Issues Facing the Cyberpunk Community. The more thought-provoking, the better. (Please note that although our socio-political focus leans towards Techno-Anarchism, Libertarianism and Constitutionalism, we try to maintain an open-minded attitude and will publish well-written opposing viewpoints, unlike some "glossies" that we won't mention.)

* "Kit Bashing" - "The street finds its own use for things." Modifications of commercially available items for different technological and artistic purposes.

* Industrial Art (both articles and pictures of interesting pieces)

* Using creative TEMPEST and Van Eck Surveillance Methods

* Computer Network and LAN Hacking Methods

* Creative and Esoteric Computer Programming and Hacking Techniques

* Communications Security (COMSEC) Techniques and Device Projects

* Operational Security (OPSEC) Techniques

* Security Systems: How They are Defeated and How to Design Ones That Work - Improvised Security Systems

* Improvised and Field Expedient Communications Techniques

* Intelligence Gathering and Analysis Techniques

* How to Prevent Your Privacy From Being Invaded

* Improvised Weapons

* Food Additives that Cause Cancer and Other Illnesses

* Foods that Prevent and/or Cure Cancer and Other Illnesses

* Herbal, Homeopathic, and "Folk" Medicine and Health Techniques

* How to Build, Plant, and Detect Bugs, Taps, and Bumper Beepers

* Creative and Esoteric Radio Communications Techniques and Equipment Schematics: Frequency Hopping and Spread Spectrum Radio Plans

* Interesting and Useful Telecommunications Projects

* Interesting and Useful Electronic Schematics/Projects

* New and Little Known Information on Caller ID, Caller ID Projects and Defeats

* How to Encrypt and Hide Computer Data

* Creative Interrogation and Psychological Warfare Techniques

* Revenge of the Nerds! - Creative and High Tech Methods to Get Revenge

* Techniques of Leadership and Decision Making

* Urban, Suburban, Rural, and Wilderness Self-Reliance & Preparedness Techniques For the Present and Future.

* Getting Off The Grid: Inexpensive, Easy Alternative Energy Projects

* Techniques on How to Become Self-Employed and Be Successful At It

* Economic Survival: How to Stretch Your Dollar, and Avoid the Effects of Recessions and Depressions.

* Electronic Warfare Techniques and Equipment Schematics & Plans

* Resistance Operations and Guerrilla Warfare Techniques

* Long Term Self-sufficiency Planning and Techniques

7. Do you have any BBSes, FTP or web sites?

Cybertek Support BBSes:

The RuneStone, 860-585-9638, NUP: Cyberdeck
Digital Underground, 203-281-1265
Zen Garden, 203-458-9720, 203-458-9730
The Toll Center, 718-445-5019

FTP and WWW Site: L0pht Heavy Industries

8. Are back issues available?

Back Issues from 9 to the current issue are still available for $3 each.

9. Do you accept trade subscriptions of other zines?

We accept selective trades with other H/P, cyberpunk, techno/anarcho/ libertarian, and self-reliance (survivalist) zines. If you'd like to trade, send us a copy of your 'zine. We'll reciprocate in kind and let you know if we'd like to continue trading. If we really like your zine we'll review it in a future issue of Cybertek.

10. Do you review other people's stuff?

We put aside a small amount of space in each issue to review books, zines, and other stuff random assorted people send us which we feel is noteworthy. Necross Sinister will more likely than not start reviewing techno, industrial, punk, ska, and other "cyberpunk" music in future issues. So, send us your stuff. Keep in mind we generally only review stuff which we feel might be of interest to the H/P, "Cyberpunk" and SR/P communities.

11. Do/Will the Cybertek folks put out anything else?

We were planning on starting a cultural/political zine called Buckshot Boob- Tube. Unfortunately, the death of its main driving force, Cybertek writer Paul "Bleach" Keniry, has stopped progress on it for the foreseeable future. Although the primary focus of Cybertek will still be a technical zine, we will be including Cyberpunk and Techno/Anarcho-Libertarian cultural and political articles, depending what feedback we receive from our readers.

We are currently working on a book which will contain articles from out-of- print back issues of Cybertek, new technical material, cultural/political essays, artwork, possibly some fiction, and other neat stuff. This is tentatively due out for Summer, 1996. If you're interested in contributing something, or would like to know when it's released, please get in touch with us.

12.What's your address?

You can reach us via snail-mail at:

Dept. FQ
P.O. Box 64
Brewster, NY 10509

13. I have another question...

If you have a question which isn't covered in this FAQ, feel free to write us at either our e-mail addresses, Cybertek BBSes, or via snail-mail.

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