We hate to part with it but....

Every now and then we must part with some of our collection of fine equipment. Its great stuff and we hate to see it go. If you are interested mail root@l0pht.com. We generally like to send things COD. You pay shipping or you can come pick it up.
Well, the Vaxes are gone. I apologize for not updating this earlier. Thank you all for your interest. Hopefully this fall '97 we shall have at least a second 128K ISDN to our site, or perhaps a frac. T-1.
However, we do have some other equipment for sale:

Amiga Bridgeboard - 286-16		SOLD
Novell v1.1 w/full docs			SOLD
Well Regulated P.S. 5v/15Am		SOLD
AT&T 3B2's Qty:2			SOLD

1 Gig Differential SCSI Drives, Qty 4   $200 each

    These drives are full height, extremely reliable, and very quiet.
    They have <14ms seek time and support SCSI-2.

    These are Seagate ST41200ND and are all tested.  If you buy all 4 we
    will throw in a 4 bay case with 400 Watt power supply and all the
    proper cabling so you can just plug your 50 pin centronics cable in.

700 Meg Differential SCSI Drives, Qty 4 $130 each

    Basically these drives are the same as above except the are model
    ST4703ND.  Same deal applies.  Buy all 4 and get the case with all the
    goodies to get you stylin'.

ICOM IC-230 2 Meter Transceiver         $130

   10 Watts output, moblie radio.  PLL Synthesized.  Comes with full
   documentation including schematic.

Dem0nseed's gonna torture our genitals when he finds out .